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Actually there's a different issue, too. A carer who is employed to provide care has rights as an employee - and becomes the employee of the person they care for. There is of course some protection in that, but also restrictions.

And the complex area that makes councils reluctant is where the person being cared for lacks the capacity to manage a direct payment. It usually falls to the carer, who then becomes their own employer and employee. And manager of the payment...I just get the feeling that councils don't want to go down that road because of the possibilities they perceive for carers then abusing the system.

Personally I don't think there's enough protection for carers and carees managing direct payments where they employ staff.
We are on the D/P route for my daughter. The care agency won't pick up ALL the jobs which need doing and myself and my husband have for the last 12 months been doing these. However, I am over retiring age now and yo-yo between my daughter and mother - as well as still working albeit a much smaller amount.
Having looked at what needs doing at my daughters and weighing up having a P.A for the extra jobs - or another C/A agency who will do the extra's I have decided using the care agency would be best. If you emply a P.A you need insurance - which I am told can come out of the D/P.
All we need now is to put in the finer details and then we can contact the broker to try and get another C/A
Exactly Parsifal, if they pay carers beyond CA it would be done in such a way that all this home is place of work nonsense would not be in the mix, perhaps through tax credit or other means, all academic anyway because more money for family carers? Don't think so.
Shouldn't put people off supporting the idea though, more and more people are having to jump through hoops regarding benefits because the governement has found the solution lies on assumption of fraud in all cases, not sure there are many easily won entitlement these days.
get real ..we wont be paid a wage as such just a higher benenfit then we receive now ..which we have to work for dont we ...we dont want minmum wage or anything near it as i have often said parity with the unemployed would be a start ....
get real ..we wont be paid a wage as such just a higher benenfit then we receive now ..which we have to work for dont we ...we dont want minmum wage or anything near it as i have often said parity with the unemployed would be a start ....
Actually, George, in view of the Chancellor's announcement in the March budget that a further £10 billion is to be cut from the welfare budget on top of the £18 billion already announced, I think that an increase in CA is rather unlikely.
Should a frail elderly person be paid to look after their infirm spouse? My answer is quite simply no: they need help and financial support to bring in care workers, not to try to attempt the burden themselves.

Should a schoolchild be paid to care for their mentally ill parent? Certainly not, they need protection and support.

Should a skilled person of working age be paid to become a care-worker ? No way, we need skilled workers where they belong, in the workforce.

These are just some of the caring scenarios, there are so many.
One of the comments that comes up so much on this forum (and in my contact with carers generally) is the feeling of being forced into being a carer - the lack of choice.

For some, being paid a living wage to care for their loved one might be the answer. For others it wouldn't. With carers in particular, we are such a diverse group that no one solution will work.
I for one don't particularly want a 'living wage' but 'something' to help with my own living costs and recognition that by doing what I do on a daily basis is actually 'saving' them money as otherwise my mother would be in a home - and how much woult THAT cost?
Scally, I believe that CA should be paid at the same rate as the minimum wage - which is slightly different. If it was a "wage" then just think what fun there would be with working hours directives, time off for sickness, holidays, etc. etc. By changing the amount of CA, but everything else remaining the same, these "complications" would be avoided.
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