Sheffield : Just Up The Road From Me

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Interesting article , not directly carer related but given the strong links ( Many natives from this manor go there to work , numerous Owls / Blades scarves to be seen 'round 'ere ) , even problems with those who actually work : ... l-strategy

Not unknown for many to stand shoulder to shoulder with local carers and carees outside the food banks.

Austerity ... we are all in this together.

Yes , and the social problems for all are increasing as a direct result.

Part of the BIG picture ... carers / carees / even many workers ... brothers and sisters united in the worse possible way.

Ponder on this one for a short while .....
Another article on the same theme but extended to a generalisation across the country : ... sal-credit

The authoress is well known to regular readers of the News Section ... often publicises something of interest.

However , always the third hand element , never first hand.

And , in both CarerLand and CareeLand , that is one mighty chasm !!!!!!!!!!

Still , if it helps sell newspapers , and keeps the armchair Guardian readers content , who am I to pass comment ?

After all , to be seen as an unknown tribe subject to a David Attenborough documentary is rather off putting ?

Even more so when a few of our mps do exactly the same on Carers Day in the House ?

Back to my version of " One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich " to be set in the Worksop Gulag.

Chapter 4 ... 4am ... sirens for the 4th. time since midnight ... my caree is summoning me ...