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when i heard the story of the man on the news the first thing that came into my mine was: were was the evidence to say that his condition was this bad??? in my experince DLA sends your doctor a form to fill in to see what you have put down is right or to back it up so to me this should not be happening. everythime mum has had a DLA form they ALWAYS wrtite to her GP to comfirm and get her side of mums conditions so where was this when he was claiming????
i did not say send em back i said that would be the response and as i have said why should we not not send them back.... tell me why ...
OK so it's a genuine question Image
No reason.
i think the man should be sent back home and be put behind bars in his own country. he has had enough money of the UK wrongly so why should he say here and be paid for again in prison?
Yes, there is fraud. Yes, something has to be done about it.

But that isn't the point, is it? Why is it that any area of endeavour where the most vulnerable are involved (benefits, social care, etc.) the assumption is one of guilt until proven innocent, rather than the opposite?

Surely that's the point?
he was found guilty.
Charles is making a general point, not referring to the case posted by Scally.
The point I was making is that the British Welfare State is a real gold mine for people who are willing to swing the lead, and therefore all of us have to be a bit less precious when it comes to having to evidence our claims for benefits, and also get a bit tougher with government by insisting that all claims are properly scrutinised before cash is handed over. This kind of fraud is an outrage, and it is in nobody's interest to object to fair testing and evidence gathering. I wouldnt include Atos in that process, they are in it for whatever they can get out of it. But I do think that the current process of handing out welfare is a mess and needs radical reform: people need to have a proper incentive to work, and to see a young fit person bleed the system dry like this for so long and for a small fortune, should be ringing warning bells to every citizen, regardless of political philosophy.
There will always be people who cheat the system, just like there are honest tax payers and dodgers but here's the thing whenever I had to fill in the forms for my kids I had to prove their case, supporting evidence was a requirement.
The small number of claims which are found to be fraudulent, and do not forget that the government figure includes error, including official error, are testimony to the fact that we have the toughest disability tests in Europe, I am more concerned about the number of people who have entitlement and who are denied it and the vastly larger sum of money lost through tax fraud.