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Scottish respite increases again! -Carers UK Forum

Scottish respite increases again!

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Respite Care, Scotland, 2011

You have to hand it to Scottish Carers and campaigners: this proves clearly (as if we didnt know already) that effective lobbying can really make a difference.

Scotland's Chief Statistician today published 'Respite Care, Scotland 2011'.
This statistics release presents the latest information on the number of Respite weeks provided or purchased by Local Authorities in Scotland. Respite care is a service intended to benefit a carer and the person he or she cares for by providing a short break from caring tasks.
Some of the notable statistics included in the report are]
And in another news story...

http://www.scotland.gov.uk/News/Release ... 132927Cash for short breaks
More than 3,500 adult carers and young carers from across Scotland are set to benefit from a funding package for short breaks.
Fifty-eight organisations have been offered a share of almost £954,000 for a variety of short breaks projects. This includes 14 groups who help carers purchase their own breaks.
Not a massive increase, but better than nothing.

Shame though that the rise in adult respite care has been to the detriment of child respite care ...

Does the rise in adult respite care equate to the drop in child respite care ???? (Cynical I know, but ...)

There is no respite at all for my 26 year old son - too old for the children's hospice and too young for the adult one. When are the scottish government going to get the finger out and provide suitable palliative care respite for the age group 19 - 40 ? Its not just children or old folk that need respite.

The palliative care movement was founded by dedicated nurses and doctors independently of the NHS, and has always remained partly funded through donations. It has many gaps and weaknesses, not least providing for those with long-term but ultimately fatal conditions that are not cancer. I also think there are other adult groups, such as Huntingtons Disease and Early-Onset Dementia that are very badly served. Ultimately it is going to be up to those groups to make their case, and as we carers have found, it is a very tough uphill battle to gain real recognition, unless you have Joanna Lumley on board of course Image
Was there an actual increase Rob. I had read this yesterday but never had time to look any further
http://www.heraldscotland.com/news/home ... -1.1131953

Or is it just the usual tit for tat among politicians