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PIPs ? A Degree In The B******G Obvious ? - Carers UK Forum

PIPs ? A Degree In The B******G Obvious ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Many readers will recognise Basil's description of his wife's observations in Fawlty Towers from the heading.

Whether " B******g " passes through the traffic lights on 'ere is another matter.

Better playing safe than risk censure for common usuage of said word , considered blasphemy by the tea and cucumber sandwich brigade ? Nothing personel , I like cucumbers , honest !

Where was I , oh yes , the prologue .... it came to pass ... t****r ye not , missus :

An independent review ( Social Security Advisory Committee ) has found that the majority of people surveyed " Distrust " the PIP System.


Does this come as a surprise to any readers ?

The review was carried out by Social Security Advisory Committee chairman Paul Gray, who made a number of recommendations to the government in his first review in 2014.
In his latest report, he said progress against those recommendations had been "mixed", with their implementation either "incomplete or slower" than he had hoped.

Like a red flag to a bull over on our counterpart disability forums ????

The minister for disabled people, Penny Mordaunt, said: "I'm grateful to Paul Gray for undertaking his second review of Personal Independence Payments.

"His independent work is an important part of making sure our processes are working in the best way possible and we will respond to the recommendations in due course."[/quote

Boy , who wrote that script for him ?

Citizens Advice chief executive Gillian Guy said PIP was the biggest issue people sought advice for through her organisation, with almost 400,000 queries in the past year.

"While some parts of the system have got better - such as a reduction in waiting times - we are concerned there is still a way to go in terms of improving the quality and accuracy of the PIP application and assessment process," she said.

James Taylor, the head of policy at disability charity Scope, added: "Today's report reveals that disabled people have a lack of trust in the application process for Personal Independence Payment.

"We want to see the Government overhaul how the assessment process works for disabled people."

Voices we can all relate to ... the voices of the people ?

The Department for Work and Pensions said it would consider the findings.

And pigs can fly ? According to the DWP they do !
What the DWP need to do is an audit of the system.

They Should get people to make applications, then. Secretly film the assessor so when they interview the applicant.

The DWP should do this themselves, I suggest