Report On Fuel Poverty

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Quiet day so far for news.

Article by a charity , National Energy Action , on fuel poverty. ... ion-report

Main focus seems to be on housing , with many homes failing to preserve heat.

Inability to source the better energy bills also citied. For those on prepaymeters , in homes owned or
rented , there are advantages if a standard meter was installed. Obviously , available monies and credit
ratings come into play here.

There is a separate thread on ... PREPAYMENT METERS ... available elsewhere on this section of the forum.

When the energy companies are privately owned , and responsible to their shareholders , isn't a wonder
that the Government's options are now extremely limited ?
what annoys me is the DUAL fuel discount.

I only have Electricity. And the village down the road does not have a gas supply.

People should get a SINGLE fuel BONUS I say
Many apartment blocks, and many rural villages do not have a gas supply