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Hi Are they going to assess every single person who is on DLA? My Husband is on DLA, and cant work as he is disabled. He will be 65 in November. I am his full time carer and yes I am really concerned that this wretched government simply do not care and that if we are not careful may well have to move out to a cheaper area as everything is so expensive.The whole thing is really becoming like greece. With many people being forced to live on the streets.Thank-you regards amandah
The government proposes to replace DLA with PIP for claimants between the ages of 18 and 64 from 8 April 2013, those over 65 on that date will not be assessed for PIP but remain on DLA:
Anyone who is aged 65 or over on that date will not be reassessed for Personal Independence Payment and will remain on DLA as long as they continue to satisfy the entitlement conditions.

This also may be of interest to those carers whose carees are in receipt of DLA and nearing 65]Managed reassessment – where the Department initiates the reassessment process. We intend to select people randomly other than where they fall in to specific groups where a different timetable for reassessment may be required. An example of where we may want to take someone out of the random approach, or randomly select but to a managed timetable, would be those people turning 65 during the reassessment period – particularly for the period from April 2013 to February 2014.[/quote]

More information on the Government's proposals for the introduction of PIP can be found in this consultation document, the consultation runs until 30 June 2012]http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/pip-detailed ... tation.pdf[/url]

Meg sighing ^^^^^ with relief. OH is 72 so should be left alone with his DLA.

Thank you for that.

Take care
if dla changes to pip surely i won't have to take my wife for reassessment when she has alzheimers,arthritis and lichen planus,i'm hoping common sense kicks in and they consult the doctors involved,if they don't i'm going to cause the biggest riot in lincolnshires history and involve the press and news then ring downing street and ask them if anybody there has got a brain.
Thats a huge relief. Thank goodness. regards amandah
Sorry malc,
my hubby has vascular dementia after a stroke, mobility issues, severely sight impaired, diabetes, high blood pressure etc etc and I have e-mailed my MP about wether hubby will have to go for the assessment for the new PIP and his answer was 'yes'
Then he spouted the party line 'all genuine claimants will have nothing to fear'
so I came back with 'I don't fear the assessments I just think it's enormously cruel to put seriously ill people through all these tests especially when the people doing the tests will not even be doctors.'

I keep on at the MP about how they are going to assess someone with dementia/alzheimers but get no answer, don't think they even care.
There will be trouble if they humiliate my hubby re what he can and cannot do, he doesn't even know he's got dementia.
The whole process is a shambles.
daylily,i struggle to get her to go out the house,how am i supposed to get her to this b******t i will get letters off the consultants and argue the fact of if they awarded highrate care via a phone call and medical history why would i go and get the opinion of non medical assessors when qualified people have diagnosed her.
Because it is a new benefit with new entitlement criteria everyone between 18 and 64 will have to be reassessed to prove their entitlement to this new benefit. Whether everyone will need to attend an assessment is unclear, there do not seem to be any automatic exemptions at the moment but hopefully some claimants will be accepted as meeting the new criteria based on medical and other reports and, if not, home visits will be available.

What does concern me, along with the very prescriptive criteria which are designed to fail as many people as possible, is that those companies which get the contract to carry out the assessments will have a financial interest in medically assessing as many claimants as possible and, as is now the case with ESA, claimants who have incurable and/or progessive conditions will be put through the stress of having to repeatedly prove that they meet the criteria along with having to appeal dodgy decision making. And because this is a new benefit there will be no case law so the outcomes of appeals will less easy to predict.

But hey, who cares, this is not about supporting disabled people and their carers, it is about saving money and the more who lose the financial support they need the better as far as the Government is concerned Image .
Malc, you want to start collecting letters now - everytime she sees her specialists, get it down on hospital headed paper... at least this way, by the time she's called in, you should have a nice wad of letters to catalogue the good, bad and ugly of how she's affected.

Try to keep a note of her meds and how they affect her, too. I don't know how badly she's affected by her arthritis at this stage - but I do know that eventually, the drugs get stronger and stronger and the side effects get worse.

Every single claimant will be hauled in for these checks regardless.
beck,they can't treat the arthritis properly because the meds affect the blood works of the body and there is concerns how this will affect the alzheimers so stuffed there,lichen planus not being treated even though in my opinion it's caused the other 2 conditions,mostly the az with lesions on the brain and she's like a terrified child,she's basically 42 in a 70 year old body whos immune system is attacking her body,if anybody knows of a mp with a brain let me know so i can contact them,life isn't about just money,it's about compassion,if she was just disabled through physical disability i'd help her get a job but she's not and she can't.