Yawn ... carers have been proposing / suggesting alternatives / recommendating for more than a

So much for democracy within carer circles. Be seen by all means but please be quiet and leave to us supporting organisations and / or professionals to tell you want you need ?

https://www.theguardian.com/social-care ... l-response

For once , the army of carers get a mention :
Allied to this are 6 million other reasons that have allowed governments to get away with underfunding social care – unpaid carers, the natural shock absorbers who so far have cushioned the NHS and social care system from the full impact of inadequate services. For all the policy rhetoric about supporting carers, there is a tacit assumption that care should be undertaken by families – usually wives and daughters – and that, again unlike the NHS, it does not require highly skilled and well-resourced public provision.
An army without pay / conditions / exercisable rights.

Once conscripted , many are in for life.

How many national armies in history fought for whatever under those terms and conditions ?

No answers required ...