Queen's speech 2017 - what does it mean for carers?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
This Policy Briefing has been produced by Carers UK's Policy and Public Affairs Team and sets out how the proposals in the Queen's Speech (which covers the Government's legislative programme for the next two years) could affect carers.

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On mental health, the medical profession needs to look at the whole family, when someone is diagnosed with a serious condition.
They need to inform the partner or parents if there is a danger to them, or if their health and well being may be put at risk by the person with a psychotic long term condition.
The Acid Test , both for the Government and our supporting organisations , will be in just how many of our " Injustices " will still be in place come the next election.

Lord Kitch aptly lists our Injustices for anyone to see :

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Finances and support services ... the Big Two.

Realistically , if only one Injustice was removed , that would be a major achievement.

Anything less ?

Par for the course in CarerLand.

What is almost guaranteed will be that more of our fellow carers will be forced into using food banks over the next few years.
No hope for me then, as a widowed pensioner caring part time for someone mentally disabled aged 38. It's all very well focussing on the over 75's, but I've been a carer for 38 years!
They should consider improving the pay and conditions for care agency staff and staff in care homes.
They should consider getting rid of the parasitical royals (where's a guillotine when you need it) and the money saved could be put into social care.