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Protest in Dorset

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Sitting on a timebomb

FEAR of the future and a lack of respite care are just two problems plaguing Dorset's elderly people, according to the Campaign for Care report.

The Dorset Association of Senior Forums investigated access to care services across the county.

In addition to the worry and strain felt by some elderly carers, the research revealed that 80 per cent of them had their own physical or mental problems.

The report concludes that Dorset is sitting on a demographic timebomb'.

Some 80 per cent of carers questioned were over 60, and almost 20 per cent were over 80 years old.

The report said]A 91-year-old woman who suffered a mild stroke and has diabetes, mobility problems and a history of falls.

She lives alone with no family nearby and relies on friends for support. Last year her daughter requested an assessment because she had been unwell after several bereavements.

She was assessed as being in the lowest eligibility category and therefore not entitled to care support.[/i]

A man who is cared for by his wife. She was taken to hospital in an emergency case.

Paramedics told him someone would come, but no one did and he was left stuck in bed and unable to feed himself. His daughter had to travel across the country to help him.

A 60-year-old woman who is recovering from having a lung removed.

Her mobility is poor and she cannot walk far without shortness of breath. She is worried about increased tiredness and concerned about the strain on her husband who cares for her.

He is not in good health and does not receive respite. There are no relatives living nearby. The woman applied for care support but did not meet the criteria.

An ex-nurse who was discharged from an out-of-county hospital after removal of a lung.

She has not received any support since her discharge home. Her daughter changes her dressings for her.

A couple in their eighties who have both suffered prolonged bad health.

The woman attended her local day centre for two days per week and her husband occasionally helped. Following her reassessment at the centre, the woman was told she was no longer eligible to attend.

She was devastated and told her husband she wanted to go to bed and never get up again.

Her husband was so distraught he begged the centre manager to keep his wife there - even offering to pay extra money for her care. His offer was declined.

Another example,albeit about Post Offices not care.....I liked the idea of carrying balloons.

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This one made me smile..