Prepare For A Flood : 71,000 On Their Way

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Disturbing report from today's Guardian on the sheer number of elderly citizens needing " Care home spaces " within the next eight years : ... y-predicts

Even worse if we extend to 2035 .... around 190,000 : ... 95046.html

Numbers ? Pure guesstimates ... I trust said assumptions have NOT factored in the number of future carers who will have no real choice other to care ?

Most readers will be aware of several threads already posted in this News Section highlighting the problems with :

Social care funding
Closure of care homes
Privatisation in the Social Care sector ... profits before care
Some charities trying to fill the void and being unstuck
Shortfall in amounts charged / received by the care homes
Lack of LA funding to provide social care
Increasing pressure on us , carers , to provide said care

In economic terms , demand constantly exceeds supply ... costs increasing faster than one's ability to pay.

A " Crisis " ?

Now well beyond that , the word " Catastrophe " more apt ....

One interesting comment amongst many :

Most families do what they can for as long as they can but ultimately it is impossible to care for an often uncooperative elderly person in their own home on their terms night and day meeting every conceivable need including maintaining the physical building of their home which may also have fallen into disrepair. We really need to start thinking outside the box to address this issue.

No political party currently exists that has any solution to this " Problem " ... just tinkering , and throwing the occasional scraps ... preserving the " Status Quo " at the expense of , at least , 1 in 4 of it's citizens.

And yet no one will admit responsibility for the lack of action over the past ... 50 years ... when the future problems of an ageing society were first made known to the " Decision Makers " who , literally on mass , just buried their heads in the sand.

Almost akin to be a war being lost without a shot being fired.
But but but Chris.... we have another consultation looming :angry: :angry: :shock:

Back to those " Consultations " in 2008 / 2009 for your sins !

After all , they certainly proved to carers their merit in .... worthlessness !

Politicians are no friends of carers ... blew the 15 odd years of dust off that one.

If carers could convince a politician that there would be something in it for them , we might just have a starting point.

What that " Something " may be is open to suggestions.

And , not just the obvious ones ... like foodbank vouchers in a plain brown envelope ?