PM's speech about carers

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Gordon Brown has made an announcement this morning that he wants a standing commission on carers. Below is an extract from the Prime Minister's speech. The carer he refers to is Jill Pay, Carers UK member who he met earlier in the year.

Carers UK has welcomed this - our response is on homepage

Gordon Brown speech ]"My second proposal is that we set up new standing commissions where we can bring in not just all parties but representatives from outside the party system to examine continuing issues of concern. These issues would be usually long term, usually non ideological. Take for example carers.

As our society ages our need for care is rising. Care is an issue that will affect us all in some way in the future. Nobody understands this better than the many organisations in the voluntary and community sector who support carers and the cared for, and advocate for them. I believe that the thinking that will be of best help for carers and those cared for will draw upon the ideas, the views and the values of the six million British carers themselves.

Last year I went to visit one carer and I heard at first hand of her struggle and yet her desire to help others in the same position as she is in. She wanted to train carers, to advise them, perhaps even to help service carers with her own company. She told me that she does not want government to walk away. She wants a government on her side. And it is when government works in partnership with the voluntary sector, local authorities and carers themselves that we can do most to make lives better. But in future working in partnership must mean not only listening and learning but involving and engaging carers themselves in the solutions we need. So building on the consultation we have been undertaking this year with carers, I believe we should now establish a standing commission on carers.

Philippa Russell, a leading expert and advocate for carers, will work with Ivan Lewis, as Minister for Carers, to take forward this proposal. And because I favour breaking through the old sterile party divides I want to ensure that advice can be given by the best people of whatever political persuasion and reviews can be done irrespective of party label by people who have important contributions to make. "[/i]
So actual carers aren't going to be allowed direct input then? Image
Hi Matt: One part of all that which concerns me is the bit where, refering to this carer he met, that she wanted to help and advise others and also possibly help service carers through her own company, this bit of the statement that really worries me, has this carer now started some sort of company up which will be making money out of carers?I have mentioned my concerns before about the people who always get chosen to meet ministers and politicians, how are they chosen?
It would be very dissapointing if this person was to go on and make money just because she got to meet the PM, that would greatly concern me.

All the best Tony Image