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Plumbing the depths

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This story in the Daily Mail takes some beating even for the Daily Mail, found not guilty by the courts of disability benefit fraud and breaching a restraining order but guilty by the Mail, and the majority of the Mail readers from the comments and votes on the comments, not to mention the Tory MP for Harlow, Essex, still any story which puts disability benefit claimants in a bad light seems to be popular with the tabloid-reading public and this type of inaccurate and biased reporting sells papers Image :

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... fraud.html
I thought it was my neighbours for a minute there Image
Course it couldn't have been because they know my son is disabled but still decided to stick their nose in and lodge a complaint, expect they thought it was their duty as good citizens, handy excuse that for all the busybodies out there.
I thought it was my neighbours for a minute there Image
Funny you should say that, I had the same thought, i.e. that it was my ex-neighbours, they are so much better when they are ex-neighbours Image .
Trouble is the vast majority of people do not know the eligibility criteria of the various benefits/allowances (not helped by the media and Ministers) and a lot deem themselves both medical practioners and benefit experts and think they have the expertise by mere sight to both make a diagnosis (quite clearly not disabled) and ascertain the circumstances of their neighbour (what benefit and for what reasons)-malicious calls form the vast majority of reportage-I am always intriqued of how (given most of them claim to be hard-working etc) how they have time to observe these neighbours and their habits-I like many are deemed "economically inactive" and I certainly have not got such time (or the inclination beyond helping my neighbours if need be) to keep tabs on them-I am saddened by such stories -such hate filled rhetoric -the price we pay for being a civilised country is that a small minority take advantage.
I think that the word that sums people like this up in both senses of its meaning is ignorant. They tend to be motivated by jealousy believing that people with disabilities have large incomes, if only, and all manner of perks and privileges, including "free new cars" and blue badges. The fact that our incomes are lower than average because many of us cannot work and that our costs are higher than average because of our disabilities plus the fact that the motability scheme takes the higher rate mobility component to pay for the car and a blue badge is the only way in which we can access goods and services which they take for granted seems never to have entered their heads. This particular couple are so like our, ex thank goodness, NFH and his wife it is uncanny, they too had nothing better to do than to spy on us and everyone who came and left our home and actually made sure that we, our friends and family, knew that they were being watched, personally I would find them something more exciting to do to brighten up their boring little lives. Like sky diving without the parachute Image .
I agree with you Annie, there are some people who will never be satisfied, it isn't just about reporting suspected benefit cheats these people begrudge even those they know are disabled.
They are jealous which is quite unbelievable when you think about it, but I think there is a more sinister undertone, they begrudge the disabled even existing, full sure they are a complete drain on society, that they personally are losing out on something because of the disabled.
Interestingly my neighbours, in the time they have lived here have never had even one single visitor to their house, wonder why that would be Image
Agree with both of you -it does not help-Ministers continually banging on about "affordability","sustainability"-benefits/allowances for the disabled account for a paltry 2% of GDP -which is ploughed back into the economy and of course disabled people contribute far more to Society than they receive-but the rhetoric remains fuelled by Ministers and the media-"their taken YOUR money"
You could be right about them begrudging the disabled even existing, Vicky, seeing us as a drain on society and on their personal pockets and we have all come across people who think that it would be "better" for the disabled if they had never been born, couching it in terms of pain and suffering when only a person who is disabled can determine whetherhis or her life is worth living. Of course many of us have do work or have worked and contributed and continue to contribute in other ways, something the Daily Mail readers and their ilk conveniently fail to acknowledge.
In todays Daily Mail again, double page spread.
It would seem the couple who made the complaint were driven by wanting to do something about this man having a newly done out bathroom, wide screen T.V. blah, blah.
In fairness Mr Hannibal [unfortunate name, lol] does appear to be pretty scarey but then again these two were actually pulling out a camera in front of him because he didn't have his walking stick, how can they blame the DWP for revealing their identity Image
Lovely pic of the sweet looking OAP's and then underneath one of Mr Hannibal looking decidedly dodgy Image
I think one might start by questioning why people who report benefit fraud, all too frequently maliciously, should be given anonymity for what is, relatively speaking, a minor crime when witnesses to major crimes, including gang crime, other violent crime and murder, do not have the same protection. You might also ask whether this incredibly smug looking couple who seem to see car ownership, etc. as a sign of fraud have got nothing better to do than take photographs and record their neighbour's activities, whether or not their "records" are true is questionable in the context of a couple who seem to be motivated envy, behaviour which in any other context would be construed as harassment.