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PIP - Draft regulations and descriptors published - Carers UK Forum

PIP - Draft regulations and descriptors published

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/welfare-re ... t-briefing

Disability Alliance has also published the descriptors]http://www.disabilityalliance.org/f60.htm[/url]
"PIP will be a dynamic benefit" WOW sounds great doesn't it.................................... when it's put like that Image
Holy Benefit! Image Image

Too many holes....
The existing system is also a Swiss Cheese. Its time to bite the bullet and abolish all disability and poverty related benefits, means tested or not, age-related or not; including the silly war veterans, carers, unemployed, and special interest cases benefits such as Industrial Injuries, and replace them with a flat rate citizens wage for all. We all have to live, and what matters is needs, not circumstances. The present system is a pigs ear - we all hate it: it is unsustainable. Every adult needs £12,000 a year ( say £250 a week) to survive with a modicum of dignity: I would add another £125 per child and after that everyone should be welcomed if they wish to earn as much as they can and pay 50% tax on it. Problem? Sorted - the economy would go into overdrive! And 1M civil servants and all the parasitic lawyers and citizens advice folk can be immediately released from their grinding, hopeless and useless toil shuffling paperwork to become useful citizens like poets, artists, musicians, and novelists. Image
Sorry, Excalibur, but to say the least that's an oversimplistic view.

There are costs involved with disability that others do not have to face. A study in the late 90s showed that it was at least twice as costly to raise a disabled child. That's just one example.

Heating costs - higher for disabled people and frail elderly people.

That's just a few points. A flat rate for all would actually make things worse for those with additional, disability-related costs because they would have less disposable income than others with the same income, and therefore fewer opportunities to be a part of their community. For all its flaws, DLA goes a small distance towards levelling the playing field.
why doesnt the government and a lot of carers realise DLA is not a benefit it says what it is an allowance! to begin with DLA was given to people who couldnt work and help with living costs Image Image
My needs are higher then yours ,, honest they are , i want to own my own home , and maybe a second home , and i aint an M.P. i need a car as i want to live in the country, i used to have a job but due to an industrial injury i cant work now , and am waiting for my compensation to be paid , as someone who served Queen and country , but sadly was disbled doing so , i need my war pension just to help me live a normal life , and as a war widow should i not be compensated for my other half paying the ultimate sacrifice .. having said all that we should have a living wage , even for someone like me with 2 good private pensions ,, cant wait for the universal pension , which comes in just before i retire ---i hope ---
Unfortunately Douglas, in the view of politicians, DLA like CA is either a benefit or an allowance depending on what they need it to be to wriggle out of paying or providing something else Image