PFI hurting NHS

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Not just hospitals but schools too
I saw this on the BBC and thought you s ... s-41778609

(Sorry, having trouble getting link to work. It's on BBC business news )
The BBC link appears to be dead .., searching the BBC for " PFI " only reveals one recent article ... the tax minimisation / avoidance being undertaken by the PFI companies ( Just added under the Tax thread in Fun and Games ) ... if that is a great surprise to any reader ???

I know there is a problem with LINKS when on other " Flavours " of this site ... links to previous forum threads simply do not work ( Ironically , links to external sites do ! ) ... all work fine on this DEFAULT / JPROSILVER version I'm using , and sticking with !

Not much current news on the effect on schools / colleges ... reports of problems with the building of schools in Scotland under the PFI scheme ( Essentially shoddy construction ) ... and the packaging of PFI products by the SNP , again in Scotland.

I made mention of the problems in one local school , built under the PFI scheme , used by us ( Bassetlaw Astronomy Society ) in Worksop on the separate thread covering problems with PFI as experienced by our NHS.

Similar stories are beginning to be reported locally ... difficult to monitor given the sheer number of local rags. ... oost-30769

In fact , it is safe to say that PFI is like a disease ... spreading slowly , turning very nasty as time progresses.