petitions--- could we do it?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.

above is a link i have found to petion downing street,, i do not mind submitting a petition for carers but as have not been on the site very long maybe better comming from a longer existing member.

once the petition is set up and we have a link we can email it to every one we know and any other forums we are on

so come on carers
could we do it?
can we maybe get a bit of notice?

if no one wants to start of the petition let me know and i'll get it started

who knows? maybe, just maybe....................but then with genetics being so advanced pigs might fly before hand Image worth a shot though

take care

Morning Rin,

In the short time I have been online, I have lost count of the petitions on that site relating to carers / disability /benefits issues etc.However,that does not mean another cannot be started.

You can go through the list to see which ones still in operation now, should you wish to sign any Rin.

Image ive signed 4 this morning allready! lol

bombard them with petitions,,, might make them realise we are serious
Hiya rin,

Thanks for the link,i will be starting one in the next few mins. will post the link and then email it round and round Image

Hope you are well
take care
chelle x
im thinking how to word one,,,

im debating either

1. transport
2. carers allowance
3. make ALL trainstations dissabled friendly
number 3 is good...ive just done one .....GIVE CARER'S A BREAK AND GIVE THEM FREE TRAVEL.

Image ive signed loads on the site !!! all the ones i wnat to start have eben stared so im signing away!
put a link to yours on here when it all goes through so i can sign that one as well!