Our local Health Trust is talking of downgrading several hospitals, losing beds and having services such as obstetrics,emergencies and paediatrics in a hospital further away.
The catchment area would be from the south of Pembrokeshire, 80 miles north to Aberystwyth, and 30 miles east to Carmarthen, with the main hospital being the one in Carmarthen.The roads are small roads, one 10 mile stretch of dual carriageway and that is all.
Emergencies would be patched up in our local hospital and then sent on their way to Carmarthen.
The local paper has got hold of the documentation this week, and it has made the front page, with the Health Trust denying that the general hospital is to be downgraded, even though the paper has also shown us the paperwork.The plan suggests
a 25% reduction in beds,
one third reduction in community beds,
reduction in work force equivalent to 1200, and several other suggestions.
(I see nothing there about mental health care,so do not know if anything will be changed there).