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Party Political Conference updates - Carers UK Forum

Party Political Conference updates

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Our policy bod Gordon is going to be sending in updates from the party political conferences. Here's his first installment from the Lib Dem Conference in Bournemouth:

National vs. local: what’s best for carers?

Latest from Gordon:

"just had our fringe event @LibDemConf - packed out - people out the door listening in. Blog update to follow."

Will let you all know when it goes up.

From what i read within the blog the attendance allowance has all but gone PHIL HOPE has made his mind up the attendance allowance is KAPUT .

if the money that the elderly disabled pensioners received through the attendance allowance was now to be made available from the local authority/ social services on a means tested system who would receive the help on offer in my case the old doll has a state pension of only £34 per week but her war pensions are very large will the war pension`s be disregarded as they are for council tax / housing benefit also what type of service can they expect from the social services the old doll uses her attendance allowance to help me with my low wage ie carers allowance she uses cash will the council come round and do work within the home the cost for this kind of care work is beyond belief councils charge £18 an hour in our area 4 hours work would cover 1 weeks carers allowance .

also the claim is attendance allowance only to be removed but we also have the constant attendance allowance paid to those who have a war disabled pension at over 80% is he seriously going to remove cash from war veterans some of them may even be GURKHA`S lets hope so we can then recruit JOANNA LUMLEY to fight for us carers as no one else seems capable of doing so.

and what about the administration charges the whole system is a cock up why should some elderly disabled lose cash to pay for other elderly disabled people who wish to enter residential social care and keep their savings and the house it just is not on.
New post just gone up on our fringe meeting with Norman Lamb. Covers personal budgets and 'choice',

http://carersblog.wordpress.com/2009/09 ... al-choice/

Personel budgets ,diect payments & individual budgets all means tested benefits unlike the attendance allowance which is a universal disabled benefit available tpo both poor and rich disabled pensioners it makes no diferance if you are poor or rich if you are disabled you still need more care and the allowance is there to be used by the elderly and as ive said before it subsidises the low carers allowance one good thing about all this crap is the fact that the election willdelay the removal of attendance allowance by a year at the most and if theybget away with that what next D.L.A. - child benefit

lets remember this is a consultation document ive yet to see any grouop support his plan rfe the emoval of attendance allowance the e-petition is also doing well but will PHIL NOHOPE BE THE ONLY ONE IN STEP
Gordon met with with Labour Health Ministers at the conference today.

They told him that DLA is safe with them...

Analysis to follow in Gordon's blog later today.

Full update now up. Image