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Adapted housing and over occupancy

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Just reading the changes to housing benefit coming in April 2013. What has me worried is we are waiting on adaptations to our council house that will add an extra bedroom downstairs. This would mean we will have an extra bedroom and under the new rules we will have our housing benefit cut by 14%. I'm wonder if I should refuse to let them build the extra room as it will put us in difficulty financially but my husband needs the room downstairs. If I have read right disabled people with adapted homes will not be given an exemption. I think this is unfair as its not disabled people's fault if they need adaptions to their housing.
I totally agree with you the new rules are unfair.
I had a friend who lived alone and was a kidney patient who relied on PD Bags for self-dialysing. The PD Bags were delivered to her house in large boxes and she needed a large room to store them, a second bedroom. Under the new rules come April, she would have had to pay for this bedroom despite her needs.
I can think of loads of examples where an extra bedroom could benefit disabled/sick people/couples/families yet there are no exceptions.

HOWEVER - I could be wrong but I was led to understand that if you have a one-bedroom property and convert/adapt (say) a dining room into a bedroom, the property is still classed as a one-bedroom property and not a two-bedroom.
Hopefully, someone else may be able to confirm this?
i would go see your council and explain they can help you and have a fund that there can use so that your not charge the 14% however money in that is limited so dont hang around
Our house hasn't been adapted yet so the new rules won't apply until the work is done. What's is so angering about this is as a carer I think we should be paid a proper wage. I care for two disabled people and can only claim carers allowance for one. What the the new housing benefit rules amount to is a cut in the amount of money disabled people get which could be £10 - £25 a week depending on the amount of rent they pay. Disabled people and their families are really going to suffer because of this. The disable should be exempt no matter wether their house is adapted or not We pay the rent for MPs who have more than one home. It's totally unfair.
If the room being adapted is for the sole use of your husband and your former room upstairs is for you then the room can`t be counted as extra in that context.xx
The problem is we are counted as a couple because we are married. Even if the room is for his sole use the council will only count us as needing one room because of this. We were sent a leaflet detailing the changes coming in April and the room will still be counted even if we sleep in separate rooms. As I said unfair.