Open letter to Rt Hon Damian Green MP

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Dear Secretary of State,

Our system of social security was established to ensure that no citizen, whatever their
circumstances or disadvantages, would fall into such poverty that they were unable to
afford the basic essentials of life – food, clothing, fuel and shelter.

We are writing to you because we are deeply concerned that the system now increasingly
fails to provide that basic security for some of our most disadvantaged citizens, while some
policies have the effect of keeping people in a constant state of deprivation, anxiety and
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Aaaah ... the Suits have awakened out of hibernation.

Interesting ... someone set their alarm clock too far forward ... by a decade or more ... perhaps ?
Interesting article from the same source , Centre For Welfare Reform : ... ncome.html

Carers Benefits and Basic Income

Author: Citizen K

Citizen K explores the strange paradoxes of the UK's benefit system and argues for a system of basic income to remove idiotic and damaging traps and disincentives.

At the moment, I am a carer, so I claim Carers Allowance, worth £62 and 10 pence a week. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

No, it isn't simple at all: the rules are bizarrely convoluted and force me into some actions that are highly complex.

Firstly, as I have an occupational pension, I pay tax both on that and also on my Carers Allowance.

Secondly, I work part-time, and earn significantly more than the £110 maximum earnings limit. Actually I earn two to three times the limit. So the only way to continue to get my carers allowance is to pay a large sum into my pension plan every week: because half of all pension savings can be deducted from earnings along with tax and national insurance contributions.

Rather oddly, my pension is deducted at source, and the Chancellor then tops up all my pension contributions with 25% in assumed income tax relief.

I also lease my car, rather than own it outright, because I need my car for work, so that counts as a work expense, which is also deductible from my earnings.

Do you see where we are going here?

So, if my job didn't involve the use of a car (for example if I only needed to car to commute to work, rather than for work) I would lose my Carers Allowance.

What is the logic of that?

People are being forced to organise their lives to work around the crazy benefit system and the rules do not even seem to benefit those in greatest need.

Most benefits are paid to people in work, or to pensioners, not just to the destitute, and those benefits all come with silly rules attached that, for example, make it impossible for a pensioner on a state pension in receipt of Housing Benefit to get a wee job as a Lollypop Lady or domestic cleaner.

A basic income could eliminate many, if not all, of these injustices, and potentially increase the number of people currently on benefits who could now afford to work, thereby improving happiness, productivity, growing the economy, and increasing tax revenues.

Nothing really new beyond how expressed.

Still , the more articles like this one are published , the more likelyhood of being read outside of CarerLand ?
Same source , and a mention of CarerWatch ... historical but worth recording.

The Link still works ... not bad for the few still onboard at the time ... still out there despite the fallout from 2009 ... a Lighthouse in the gloom !!!

Carers and General Election 2015

Are you an unpaid family carer?

Are you worried about cuts to benefits and social care?

Have you been affected by lack of respite?

Carer Watch are compiling a list of questions to be sent to Ministers of ALL the main political parties and responses will be posted on their blog.

Find out more visit: ... tion-2015/

Perhaps a message for 2017 ?

" Last one out , please hand the keys to Dennis " ......... ?

Same as Abe Lincoln will do , nicely :


Same for us in CarerLand and CareeLand ... please !