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social care white paper delayed / dumped - Carers UK Forum

social care white paper delayed / dumped

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The QUEENS SPEECH will not include the white paper on social care which was promised by the prime minister David Cameron, as i predicted to my many readers on the carers facebook page legislation to reform the house of Lords will take precident, that nice man Mr NICK CLEGG will be fighting for the reform of the House of Lords while thousands of elderly / disabled and those who care for them sit at home just wondering what the hell is going on, we will not see any legislation this side of the next election thats for sure ...for all 3 politiacl party`s to enter the next election with social care still a problem god help us ..the one thing we dont want is a last minute rushed 3 party consensus to solve the problems of social care, the one thing worse then the coalition solving the problem is having Labour agreeing with them ....and what of poor old DILNOT last time i saw his report it was well into the long grass lost forever no doubt but who cares if it saved George Osborne some tax payers cash thats a bonus for the treasury ..remember GEORGE OSBORNE thats the chancellor elect who said on live T.V. give me £10-000 and we will care for you for life no need to sell the home or spend your davings we will care for you ..honest we will...
They've been delaying this for over a year, George. I think it's more likely because frankly they don't really know what to do without becoming even more unpopular.
There was a budget set aside over here a few years ago after the plight of Carers became a hot topic.

The Recession hit and the money was appropriated for something else.

We're not getting anything now.
ok then


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Well off we go again only the poorest should be financialy supported with social care ( residential / domicilary ?) but just who is poor ??? someone if receipt of the basic state pension with no savings and renting a home is poor but at the moment this person would be entitled to full financial support re social care ... is I.D..S. saying that people with their own home or with savings should continue to pay for their care as they do now with a limit of about £23-000 ... and what of those who dont own a home and have no savings but may have saved for their retirement and have private occupational pensions or a long service forces pension or a war widows / war disabled pension ...Dilnot asked for a cap on the board and lodgings for the residents within the care home system -£200 per week, that would be of help to those with private pensions but have no savings and no home ....I.D.S. should inform us just what level of income will be classed as being poor will it be £130 per week or like child benefit claimants £43-000 per year..from a personal point of view will he disregard war related pensions as councils do re H.B & C.T. ....with a bit of luck i/we will not need any support from the state re social care but as we know thousands will ...
Sorry George, this link doesn't work for people without Facebook, or those who choose not to sign up to the Guardian app, which then allows everyone to know what they read.

Some people choose privacy.
IDS has the benefits remit, not social care, George. He cannot dump Dilnot any more than you or I can. Not his department.

And once again - people without Facebook and/or who have not signed up to the Guardian app on Facebook cannot read this article.
Funding for the long-term care of elderly people should be targeted at the poorest with few or no assets, according to a report by Iain Duncan Smith's think tank. In a direct challenge to the Dilnot commission, which called for an increase in support for those with assets, the report, by the Centre for Social Justice, calls for resources to be concentrated on pensioners solely dependent on state support.

The I.D.S. report due out today ? will be of more interest to the coalition then the Dilnot report which costs the treasury money the I.D.S. report will save money ..and it is from his own report way back in 2007 that is being used for welfare / benefit reform now.....

It has been reported that we have just over 400-000 elderly in residential care 70% are being funded by the state 120-000 are having to pay as they have assets surely we can afford to raise the level of savings to leave them with something ...
IDS' think tank is not the same as a ministerial announcement, George. And IDS isn't too popular with the media at the moment. Especially the Express.