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Only the Greens understand what Carers need.

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Sunday, August 10th, 2014
Green Yes, the Scottish Green Party’s campaign for a Yes vote in the independence referendum, has today (10 August) published a paper showing how a Scottish Parliament with responsibility for welfare could implement a Citizen’s Income to reduce inequality.
The Greens have worked with Dr David Comerford, research fellow in economics at the University of Stirling, as well the Citizen’s Income Trust, to model the impact of the policy on household incomes.
One of the aims of the policy is to reduce the incredible complexity of the tax and benefits system, which penalises those with unreliable work or insecure housing. A longstanding Scottish Green policy, the Citizen’s Income would sweep away almost all benefits and the state pension and replace them with simple, regular payment to every child, adult and pensioner.
Today’s paper is the latest in a series produced by the Green Yes campaign showing how independence opens up possibilities for progressive change in Scotland. Other papers have covered jobs, wages and the economy, local democracy, banking reform and digital rights.
Under the model detailed in the paper:
- Weekly payments are proposed of £50 to children, £100 to adults and £150 to pensioners.
- 70 per cent of households would be better off than presently.
- Those in the lowest income bracket would benefit the most.
- Measures of inequality would be brought in line with some of the most equal countries in the world.
- Income earned in addition to the citizen’s income would continue to be taxed progressively.
Patrick Harvie MSP, Co-convener of the Scottish Greens, said:
“This is a policy to recapture and renew the idea of a welfare state that looks after everyone. Scotland is a wealthy country, and we should be able to choose a different approach to austerity and the harmful attitude which pits people on poverty pay against those on benefits.
“A Citizen’s Income would ensure everyone’s basic needs are met. It’s a simple idea that could transform this country by reducing inequality and allowing each of us to make our own decisions about working, caring, learning and creating, without ending up on the breadline.”
Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian and member of Holyrood’s Economy Committee, said:
“The referendum debate allows us to imagine what sort of Scottish welfare system we could design after a Yes vote, and this is the Greens’ vision for a simpler and fairer approach. A Citizen’s Income would be an especially positive policy for women as it would make it easier to combine working and caring roles.”

http://www.scottishgreens.org.uk/wp-con ... _final.pdf
Of course, the Citizen's Income was a Liberal policy before the merger with the SDP. We all know how that turned out.
At the time of an election all parties will promise we the carer's the earth. But when elected. Look I'm a member of the most oldest old mans club ( sorry not forgetting ladies), goodbye suckers see at the next election.
Scally if the Greens had there way they would have us back to the 17th century using horse and carts and they certainly won't like people like us driving a big gas guzzling van like we have to. They don't want fossil fuels, they don't want nuclear power. Are there going to be enough tax payers to cover the cost of this citizens income which by the way is considerably less thand DLA and ESA combined for disabled people.

Yes, actually the poorest currently pay the highest rate of tax, when you take into account VAT, TV license, Council Tax etc, as a percentage of their disposable income, and this is deeply unfair. So, the wealthy and middle classes will have to pay more tax, but they will also get income security in the form of a citizens income for when they get sick, become carers, get sacked from that cosy job with the RBS etc. All the polls show that people are willing to pay more tax in return for a secure income when they fall on hard times, despite the vile bile being drummed up by the rabid right wing press and the Tories against welfare claimants, as if it were their fault that the banks went bust. It wasn't: it was capitalist greed.

Actually the citizens income avoids the benefits trap completely: because there is no cliff edge, so it would lead to greater mobility and improved opportunity for all, which could only benefit the economy. At present for example, a widow on a pension and housing benefits living in a council flat cannot afford to get a wee p/t job as a domestic or childminder, because every penny would be clawed back by this greedy government.
Now, as for the old 'horses and carts' jibe, I drive an electric Nissan Leaf car, and it costs me precisely zero in running costs. No road tax, and I generate enough free solar power off my roof, (annualised) to run it for 8,000 miles a year. Top speed 100 mph and very powerful performance - it is not a milk cart.
Should I charge the batteries off the grid an night rate it costs me 3p a mile to run.
In winter it charges at night using windmill power - I'm sure you know Eun that Scotland already generates a very healthy surplus of wind energy, hydro-electric and solar.
I'd rather live in an electric town run on clean renewables than one that is clogged by foul diesel fumes, and several thousand deaths a year in Scotland alone are attributed to the fumes from burning carbon. This is quite intolerable, and running an internal combustion engined vehicle will soon be seen as antisocial as smoking in your car or house with children present.
The Scottish Government has said that by 2050 all vehicles will be electric, and they are hardly sandal-wearing Luddites.
All carers should get carers allowance. Or termed a carer's wage! And to top that. Should have the wage increased to equal a nurse's pay. And. As both carer's and nurses offer great service to society. Have paid leave to spend with their families and recuperate. Any party that can do that. I would vote for them. And I would even say. Someone who is working hard. Doing the right thing to find work. Should have a wage. Cause. Jobseeking is a job in itself. And. From experience. Have seen many great young people aspire to great things. And seen good people who are seeking work. Eager to get their country straight.