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has anybody read the article on virgin media news that only 7% of people taking the new tougher esa test are too ill to work,39% are fit to work ,a third drop their application before it's complete and 17% can do some work.what do people think to the test,i think what should be catching out the fraudulent claims is more like a witch hunt more concerned with saving money than peoples rights.
BBC article here


work capability assessment - claimants experience and ATOS Healthcare

http://www.publications.parliament.uk/p ... 101506.htm
thankyou rosemary for putting link i didn't know how to but thought it was very interesting news,malc
there's not much coverage in the papers about the high rate of appeals that has been won!!!!!!

A couple of lines well down in the article from my paper. Just proves that Atos are getting it wrong. Apparently there are a lot of MP's concerned that seriously disabled people are facing the same tests when it's obvious that they will never work.
I am sure there are a few claimants who are fraudulent (sp?) but the majority are genuine claimants. The number of upheld appeals indicates how the ESA test is failing. Also the Access to Work budget has been majorly slashed and this is the very support many disabled people returning to work need.

Also the Access to Work budget has been majorly slashed and this is the very support many disabled people returning to work need.

Which actually proves it's nothing to do with getting people into work. It's just about making cuts.
My son has had his ESA application withheld whilst awaiting a work-focused interview, this will be a waste of time, but if they want a battle I'm their man!
He's just 17, and whilst he enjoys life, can walk, talk, and is physically fit, no employer would take him on out of anything except charity, because it would be like employing an eight year old child. Actually most 8 year old children would be capable of far higher productivity and taking instruction, whilst in his case, he would probably cope with a task for about five or ten minutes out of well-meaning politeness, then just give up without an explanation and find something else more interesting to do. If asked to continue, he would just grunt and pull a face: he cant explain it because he genuinely doesnt understand why he should blindly follow instructions hour after boring hour with no obvious reward apart from a piece of paper with the Queen on it. He values money, but has no way of counting it or making the distinction between say £10 and £100 worth of effort. Its not so much incapacity ( in some absolutist sense of physical impossibility) as a mental inability to perceive the benefits of monotonous and repetitive labour: he just isn't capable of connecting work with the desirable benefits of say, food in your tummy or a warm home to go to. What is one supposed to do? Beat him, chain him to the bench and not feed him if he doesnt work, like some poor little waif in the Industrial Revolution?? Logically, a return to the workhouse is about the level of sophistication this system is at, Image I'll keep you posted! Image
Has he been placed in the Support or Work Related Activity Group yet or is it a Work Capability Assessment rather than a Work-Focused Interview which he has to attend, Scally? If he has been placed in the Support Group or WRAG I am not convinced that the DWP can withold his payment as they have already accepted that he is entitled to ESA and if it is the Support Group he should not have to attend WFIs or maybe it is different if someone is claiming as a youth rather than an adult?
Well, he must have been accepted for something or other, but quite what has yet to be determined, medical certificates have been shown, and not a penny has been received, so I cant make head nor tail of it:

"To continue to receive ESA you MAY need to attend a Work Focused Interview with a Personal Advisor. You will be advised seperately if you are required to attend"

To Continue to receive ESA you MAY need to attend a Work Capability Assessment. You must provide Medical Certificates until a Work Capability Assessment is carried out" ...

I did phone the Jobcentre PLus, and said that as my son was a minor I intended to be present at any interview, they agreed that this was not a problem. What I didnt tell them.....

......was that I intend to take a video recording device along.

Well, my son can't read very well, and obviously he needs to keep a record for his own file, so I regard this as a reasonable adjustment to his disability, as he is entitled to under the DDA.

And as the file and record is his own property, should he choose to share it with others, on for example a web-sharing facility, then that is entirely his own business, isnt it? Especially as once it goes past the first million hits he can start to make some serious money out of the advertising it generates, thereby proving that he is capable of work .. as a wind-up merchant and actor, much like his dad!
You might all find this response entertaining. (addressed to the manager of my local jobcentreplus)

[quote]Dear Mr A*****,