Slow news day so far .... I dug this one up from July 2008 .... House of Commons Report.

2008 ... Labour Government ... carers ... road shows with consultation meetings at local levels ... several
well respected carers amongst our ranks attending their local ones ... a feeling that , at long last , something positive was about to happen .... a minority of carers were calling it a pony and trap show ... the majority had hope , not a lot but , some hope ... most held their breathe ... ... /48506.htm

End result ?

Not even a pony and trap show.

The old 3 card trick , find the lady. Except , of course , there never was a lady in the first place.

Whoever was the architect behind this propaganda stunt did the job well. It set carers back years , and ,
some 8 years on , the remnants are still around trying to do something to restore some form of hope
for the beleaguered carer / caree masses ... around 13 - 15 million human beings.

Anyway , what is worth recalling is the detail made available to the House Committee which may be found in the Report.

Recommended to any reader new to caring , or unaware of the 2007 - 2009 period in carer history.

The time when some hope was replaced by no hope ?