Ombudsmen awards compensation

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I saw this on the BBC and thought you s ... e-41010768

Because no home care was available she was placed in residential care for 10 months.!!!
Derisory compensation of £1750 !!!
There's a link in the story to the ombudsmen report which make scary reading
Who else has heard the term 'deficit' beds?
Hi Mrs A,
Can you try posting the link again?
And this I hope is the full ombudsmen report
Except this new version won't let me add an attachment Grrrr. :(

You'll just have to follow the link to the summary then to the full report
Gives some interesting insight as to how councils work

They spent £552 a week for 10 months because they wouldn't vary a new procurement 'model'
Home care would have costs about half that

I hope they pay his mileage at usual 45p rate, that's over £8000.00
And another thing that makes me angry is they say hospital beds are blocked because there are no care home beds, but they use care home beds when there is no home care available but in this case there was home care available but it was £1.20 an hour more than council wanted to pay. The couple could have used this if they took on the burden of direct payments , which wasnt possible at their age/care burden
Yes, that link worked. Thanks.
What a ridiculous situation. I have had both hips replaced and would have hated to have this happen to me. I too hope they pay the "going rate," for all those needless round trips. Re applying rules (the £1.20 over what they wanted to pay issue,) this is a typical and unfortunately all too common issue of bureaucracy gone mad. GRRR. :evil: :angry: That poor woman "lost," those months of her life...

The compensation is an insult. The couple will never forget such a dreadful situation.
Just read Ombudsman report - really?! :shock: :roll:

Worth spending some time surfing around the Ombudsmen site for reports on many cases across the whole Social Care Spectrum.

Interesting , and disturbing , to say the least !
Mmm. Forwarned is forearmed but not sure if I want to look or not.