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When I'm gone - Carers UK Forum

When I'm gone

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
SCOPE are about to launch a report etc. looking at the future of carees when carers are gone. Please read.
https://www.sense.org.uk/support-us/cam ... n-im-gone/
In Carer / Caree Land , a fear of many carers ... completely ignored by the System until this SCOPE report.

Having said that , as a former , lone , carer , I always knew that should anything have happened to me , my caree would not have survived long ... assuming fate did not intervene , and someone called at our front door ... and only one corpse instead of two ?

Be interesting to see what the reaction is to the report ... " We'll deal with it when the problems arise " ... as per usual , being the hot favourite.

How can one plan if financial resources are stretched to the limit during caring days ?

Throw oneself on the " Mercy " of the System that does virtually nothing as it is ?

From the Report :
We believe that disabled people and their families should be able to have confidence that they will always be well supported. We’re calling on national and local government to:

Create a duty to ensure that plans have been put in place
Support families to make plans for the future
Provide clear information about how the system works
Ensure quality specialist services are available
Provide enough funding for local areas
Provide more support to help families now

That word " Family " again ... plenty of lone carer / carees out there ... what is SCOPE's recommendation for those ?

Sounds fine ... none of the above are in place as I type.

Also , bear in mind that low millions of carer have NOT been identified ... highlighted in numerous threads over the years , most recently in the main CARE ACT thread ... the words CART and HORSES spring to mind.

Good report but ... just deals with one piece of the whole picture ... and totally ignores other closely related issues !

If only a few hundreds of thousands of the 6 million + carers are known , how does any organisation plan for carers ?????
Thanks BB, this is certainly something that bothers me. Not to be read just now, as too close to bedtime!