Nova Scotia , Canada : What Happened ?

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Stardate 2007 or 2008 ... Nova Scotia ... usually tracking whale sightings as the province awakens from winter , and signs of human life reappear ... news / web cams / ship movements etc.

Cannot recall how but , came across the Internet equivalent of a message in a bottle ... an sos of sorts ... sent by a small group of carers in NS asking for help in establishing a carer run outfit as there was , at that time , nothing beyond the usual fiefdoms of supporting organisations.

I and another member of CareWatch , The Trawler as that person was nicknamed , opened communication with one of them , setting out our blueprint for a fledgling organisation based on mutual aid as opposed to anything resembling a tiered association ... with all the inherent problems associated with personalities.

Ironically , the subject of some kind of association / trade union sprung up within CarerWatch shortly thereafter. Possibly one of the better " Debates " we had , especially in comparing various types with some proposed based on political ideas.

Thankfully , the notion of a trade union ( UK style ) was firmly rejected in favour of a more loose confederation , similar to Greenpeace , but without the appearance of leaders beyond spokespersons.

Having done all we could , we waited , and waited ... silence ... periodic emails went unanswered as opposed to being bounced back.

Me , NS still high on my agenda for Internet watching , fate of those pioneers still in me memory banks.

Fast forward to 2017 , and it seems that progress has been ... of sorts :

Having explored the site , it would appear that the suits have taken over , and our fledgling chick , possibly hatched with help from us , may be still out there , somewhere.

No forum ... suits apparently do not let carers participate even to that extent ... not a good sign ?

Still , nothing more to go on as to what individual carers / caregivers make of this outfit.

Only time will tell if they receive the level of support , and ability to participate fully in what the suits have created.

If anything like the UK .... I am concerned that their vision has turned into a nightmare.

Be somewhat ironic if similar forces we experienced in 2009 crushed the NS resistance in it's infancy , and their steam driven radio smashed to pieces ?

Perhaps the Internet equivalent of ... Broadsword calling Danny Boy ... across the air waves ?

Or a war time BBC broadcast ... " The clouds are clearly over Digby ( Main town for whale watching ) , beware of the great white ones ( Suits ) " ... meaning the suits have discovered your base , scarper ! ... or updated to whatever passes for 2017 ?

If one of our London agents had managed to get through , the message would have been the same except for SCAPA instead of SCARPER ... Scapa Flow / go ... causing even more confusion in the suit's code breaking department.

Who knows ? Another chapter of carer history left uncompleted ...

Chris, you may find this of interest albeit a lengthy read.

Nova Scotia mentioned, as well as many other countries.

Also this - ... AGES-2.pdf

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Thank ye ... looks as if someone wants me out of the way for a while ?

One full of bones to be picked over ... a luxury in this Gulag ?

Where's me deerstalker ...

Chapter one ... the prologue ...

Oh dear ... whole sections on financial implications for carers.

I wonder what I shall find there ?
Chris From The Gulag wrote:Thank ye ... looks as if someone wants me out of the way for a while ?
As if :shock: :lol:

However, if I did, I would set you the task of writing a book on translating many of your cryptic messages/posts in to English :P :D
..... and for the sole survivors of 2009 can be tried , found guilty , send into exile to gulags ... adding arrested afterwards.

Well , I've got some news for you , already in exile in the local gulag.


Very kind to us they are ... here's a photo of our new flat , for 20 of us :


Amazing art deco design , even the luxury of glass in the windows !

Ours for £ 50 per week each ... a real bargain compared with some in the cities ?

And , only twenty yards to the shared ammenities ... bathroom / kitchen / library ... not only us , this place has nine other rooms just like ours !

Just think , a bathroom !

Now , it's a quick 'alf mile dash to the local canal in just a towel. One minute only as 200 years or so of excess mining debris litters the bottom , and has a nasty habit of floating to the surface in bubbles which explode when heated.

Don't stand on the bottom as those nasty chemicals love feeding on human feet.

Even a ceiling to keep off the rain. Flying insects and crawling bugs ... just right to add to the gruel pot!

Count one's blessing whilst we still can ?

Book ?

In the style of the legendary Spike Milligan ?

Puckoon's guide to caring ... now , that has a certain ring to it.

There again ... Tales of Doom and Despair ... has a certain realistic feel to it ?

Perhaps a pen name ... Souvarine ... sound of alarm bells ringing allover the country as soon as that name appears in print ?

Quiet chap really , just need to know what to feed him on ... and make sure that his cage stays locked ,
and never , ever , exposed to sunlight !

Has a nasty habit of causing mayhem and destruction wherever he goes ... nice pet here in the gulag ?

Pssss ... any chance of an advance on the royalties ?
Not often am I struggling to place a particular subject into a category ... this is one of those occasions.

19 pages from Chapter 4 ... 10 pages worth of figures / tables in the appendix.

Only one drawback ... 2011 ... and a lot of data / figures quoted are from even earlier.

When comparing the different sysems , many may have been changed in line with austerity measures taken in many countries ... the UK ones well known to us all.

Main issues covered , and interlocking with others :

Carers Allowance - level / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits /

Direct Payments - how administered / level / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits

Identifying carers - problems / priorities / policies / success

Carers and working - policies / incentitives / tax relif / tax credits / rights / time off

Carers by definition - Belgium Carers Act ( ? ) / other countries policies / measures

Support for carers - cost / level / respite care / how administered / eligibilty / tax relief / tax credits

There's more but the above should keep you quite for a couple of hours.

Interesting to confirm how they all interlock , even country by country.
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Caregivers Nova Scotia .. group of 4 ... last post in 2012 .. request to join sent.

Sit back ansd await a reply ... yes , I am optimistic ... at times , limited to twice a year !!!!
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