NHS : Bed Blocking : 3+ YEARS In One Case

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Daily Telegraph this time ... a truely , remarkable case :

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/04 ... ischarged/

Usual story. The various suits involved blaming each other , the patient totally " Forgotten " as if he was a mere commodity.

Every likelyhood of cases similiar , if not as long as , this one becomong more of the norm , and less likely to be reported outside of the front pages.

Bottom line ?

A Trade Union for patients with a shop steward in every hospital and other institutuion now needed to enforce " Rights " ..... ?
There was a reverse case a while back, of a hospital having to legally evict a patient who didn't want to leave! Cost the hospital a fortune.

These are the 'extreme' cases I assume - the 'normal' bedblocking is more short-term but 'chronic' and often involves the dreaded 'revolving door' of the patient being 'unblocked' (ie, sent home) where the same problems then recur, and back in they go to hospital.

As we here all know, we need specialist 'community' or 'cottage' or 'geriatric' hospitals that are half-ways houses between 'acute' hospitals and 'nursing homes'. But even the few remaining ones are being closed down now it seems....(one near me is, despite HUGE local protest)
What does local opinion matter if money is to be saved ... if only on a redefinition by an accountant ?

Two horse race again and ... Money by a country mile !