Not helpful! Shows how little the public understands about caring....

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I was shocked to read an answer by the usually very sensible Graham Norton in his problem page in the Telegraph yesterday, about advising a 22 y/o to sacrifice her youth to her father with dementia.... ... -dementia/

Unfortunately, the Telegraph now has a paywall, so you can't read the answer, but basically it boiled down to telling her to knuckle down and look after him, just like her mother insists is her duty.....

GN seems to think that he will be shortly dead, and therefore she will only be sacrificing a few years. He doesn't seem to know that the average lifespan for someone with dementia is EIGHT years, which would make this poor girl 30 by the time she is 'free'.

Also, presumably, the dad has some kind of early-onset dementia (unless he was very ,very old already when she was born!).

Yes, there is the added complication that the young woman seems to be in Greece, where as GN points out, finances are tight - but that doesn't address the key problem - that this young woman will have to give up her youth to help her mother care for her father because the mother is insisting on it (and also renaging on agreeing to ANY time off....)

GN ends with urging her to 'make her dad proud' of her for her sacrifice.....

To me, this just shows, brutally, how little 'the public' (as personified now by GN!!!) understands how soul-destroying it can be to care for someone with dementia. I would like him to spend a fortnight doing it, and then see if he still advocates it!
Yes, I read this too and (for once) wasn't entirely "comfortable" with his answer.
Comments on The Telegraph face book page are agreeing with you. They cannot believe he is given advice in circs like these.

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Glad it wasn't just me! Maybe what his response is that in the end he doesn't have a solution - because, as we all know here, there isn't one. Whatever happens, it's going to be 'difficult' for the dad, the mum and the daughter - no 'solutions' to dementia......

I think my shock was that I usually find his answers very sane and sensible and compassionate (a side to GN that doesn't really show up on his shows!!!!!!)