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no support for carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
hi I feel sad that carers are being ignored by the government! I simply dread all these savage cuts we are all getting! Why is there no one out there to support us? Anyway sorry for the rant! Its not easy as we are both in pain with our joints as well as hubby who is severely sighted and deaf! Regards Amanda h
It is bad enough being told that there are going to be cuts. The uncertainty as to who and when the cuts are to be made is just adding to the stress that must of us face. We seem to have a government who want carers to take on more responsibility for those we care for while at the same time cutting the limited support that we get.
We as home carer's are always the one's that are going to get the kick. We save the county and country in whole millions of pounds, so we are expected to do the job at a loss. From some of the information I have been brought too my notice. The Government are hoping we will do the job of care for nothing. With this new PIP Benefit that is being rolled in. I thought I would never say this "Roll on retirement." It could be a long four years. Sorry that's my moan of the day.
Bernard. :(
There is a simple reason why we are ignored by the government, and sadly its blindingly obvious; carers do not matter!

To them we are just mugs providing quality care on the cheap, nothing more.

This government is full of wind and gas: they are nothing but hired employees of big business. They talk about rewarding 'hard working people' all the time as if they were the salt of the earth, and pillory benefit claimants. Yet they never once mention the hardest working people in Britain: the carers. Nor do they give a toss about the folk we care for, who are clearly layabout scum in their eyes. I hate the Tories, they truly, deeply, suck.
Yes I do not understand why theirs so much neglect towards carer's We are the life lines to the people that need care, Its not just the care companies that do not look after their employee's , or those are badly paid any way and the procedure's of how theyw ork , and the attitude some of them give to cleints , The clients are the most important, they pay for the service and the TLC is sometimes neglected. Its also not good to find carecompanies are also fgetting found out on their standard of practice.I am a volutery carer and I have seen both side's the side of the carer's and the side of the company that provides care.I have been a carer for 25 years without much support from the local servcies that makes plans , liuttle but none to be honest thats my gripe, and changes need to be made.
Maybe it is because we are so very busy there is no time and or energy to make a stand?