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Carers Act 2018 : SCOTLAND ONLY !!! - Carers UK Forum

Carers Act 2018 : SCOTLAND ONLY !!!

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Okay boys and girls ( And persons of indeterminate gender ) , what do you make of this :

http://www.scottishlegal.com/2018/04/06 ... -launched/

New Carer’s Act for Scotland launched.

The new Carers (Scotland) Actwas launched by the Scottish governmenton 1 April 2018 and brings with it a number of important changes.

The act applies to both adult and young carers and aims to support carers’ health and wellbeing and help make caring more sustainable. Overall, the goal is to deliver improved:

carer engagement and involvement
carer health and well-being
early intervention
personal outcomes for carers
information and advice
emergency care planning
discharge planning with reduced delays and readmission.

The definition of a carer is being broadened to mean any individual who provides or intends to provide care for another individual. This will include anyone who provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help e.g. caring for a relative, partner or friend who is ill, frail, disabled or has mental health or substance misuse problems.

The current carer assessment is being replaced with carer support plans for adults and a young carers statement for young carers. These will act as a gateway to various types of support, including statutory services, emotional support, training, advice, information, access to short breaks, benefits advice and signposting to other services.

New eligibility criteria are being introduced that will identify the carers that councils will be required to support. The carer support plan will identify other ways that carers can be enabled to carrying out their caring role.

Carers will also have the right to be involved in the development of local strategies and services that affect their caring role.

Dr Stephen Mather, chair of the Scottish Borders Integration Joint Board, said: “Improving support for unpaid carers is also one of the key priorities of the recently approved Health and Social Care Locality Plans, with each of the five plans setting out our commitment to ensuring that an adult carers support plan, young carers statement and eligibility criteria are in place. A short breaks statement containing both local and national information is also being developed and we are working towards having an adult Carers Strategy in place by April 2019.”

Brief but , plenty of meat ( And gristle ? ) in it ?

Like so many pieces of legislation of the past 40 odd years affecting us in CarerLand , what does it really mean on a day-to-day basis for most carers ?

More importantly , the number priority ... FINANCES ... still £ 62.70 per week CA , and NO changes to the eligibilty criteria.

A born cynic I may be but ... we all only have to refer back to the Care Act , 2014 , as a harbringer for what this new act will achieve ???

Said Care Act did not apply in Scotland ... most of the above seems to have been copied across ... same infrastructure to deal with these provisions ?

Still , let the few celebrate ... mostly the politicos / academics / suits ... as many more carers join the queue for their local foodbank which are continuing to grow ... !!!
From a Scottish carer, I won't hold my breath for any interest being shown in carers' problems. I am invisible to all professionals involved in my husband's care. All they are interested in is leaving me to get on with it and on no account to pester a doctor to come and visit. My husband and I are sure the six doctors in our practice all draw straws to see who gets the short one and has to visit him. More help for carers is a joke.