Very interesting article following on from the Autumn Statement and the absence of Social Care from
any measures. ... ocial-care

Well balanced article. If padded out , would probably be several pages long.

Good observations , and leading questions.

For the first time , a quote from the comments section that is both blunt and sums up this Sad New
World with just example :
I don't think we can still call it social care anymore, we are at the point where people have become so dehumanised as they have to fit with clauses and conditions. I have heard recently of the sad death of an old friend who as a result of mental illness loved in supported housing. I'd like to think John died quickly, but we don't know as his body wasn't found for a week. What happened then was a travesty as no attempt was made to find any friends or family, after his next of kin (elderly mum) was identified as being in a care home with advanced dementia. John's possessions were sold, no one checked his phone or computer for any contacts. He was cremated, no one knew. Six weeks after his death a charity contacted his sisters to inform them, the powers that be gave them no excuses or apologies, just told them where John's urn was being stored...
Would it be " Nice " to invite the author onto these Forums for an outsiders view of our problems ?

CarerWatch did , and , for a time , a leading advisor to the Labour party whilst they were in Government
.... for his sins , and we let him know it !

Perhaps , even a Blog allied to the main site.

There again , whatever is suggested will fall on deaf ears ?