NHS Hotels ? Even Basil Would Balk At Some Of These !

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Fawlty Towers ?



Which of the two is the " Funniest " after sampling both for a week ?

Even a 5 Star rating when compared with some of these :

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... -30am.html

Needless to say for the DM , the comments section makes " Entertaining " reading ... for once !

Trouble is , most readers will know of at least one similiar practice in the NHS on their own manor ?

Some may blame low wages ?

If so , compare OUR care with those who are PAID to care !

Another one completely lost on the policy makers who have no idea whatsover what WE provide ... not forgetting a little matter of £ 132 BILLION rising daily , almost by the half million ?

For one day's saving , both the Concessionary Travel Scheme and 21 Hour Issues sorted !!!!!!!!

For a few minutes , Carers Flag Scheme up and running

Ponder on that fact for as long as you like !!!

If anything , our carees dictate OUR lives ... in the NHS , the opposite is true.


Scaled down ?

All our Oliver is asking for is 50p from the £ 1,320 he put into the bowl through savings !!!

I hope my maths are right ? Even £ 132 and the point is not lost ?

Get the picture ???
Reminds me of one of mum's hospital stays. She ended up on a cardiac step down ward where they woke everyone on the ward up at six in the morning by switching on bright lights and making even more noise than they'd made at night. I know, because I stayed a couple of nights before I got her out of there (against their advice). I regularly came in to visit mum to find food all down her front as she was so bad at the time that she couldn't feed herself.

It was a horrendous ward with no windows. I've never been into a prison, but it's how I would imagine things to be in one. Even now I wonder about someone like me having to endure that kind of environment, never mind an elderly person with dementia. I also remember a chap (clearly very confused) used to wander through from the adjoining male ward and the staff on mum's ward seemed to treat him almost with contempt. Oh, and this is the place where I once found a cardiologist scribbling mum's change of meds onto a file which was hanging on the end of her bed - except it was someone else's file! This is, apparently, one of the best hospitals in Hampshire.

I had no Welfare PoA in place at the time and primed mum with answers to their mental capacity questions just so I could get her out of there. Fortunately she got through the 'test'. I swear they would have finished her off on that ward. A few days later I had a call from their psychiatrist, who had been seeing mum, but who I'd never met, who told me he was not surprised I'd taken her out against medical advice!
An interesting one , fees extended until one resident is replaced by another :

https://www.theguardian.com/society/201 ... hdog-finds

Caroline Abrahams, director at Age UK, said it was “wholly unfair” to charge for rooms after someone had died and their room became vacant.

“This is a really difficult and distressing time for relatives and the last thing they need is to be worried about money in this way.”

Many care homes charge the relatives of a deceased resident for a week so there is time to clear their belongings, but the CMA was told in submissions that families were being charged fees for “extended periods” after their relative’s room had been cleared.

The CMA launched its investigation before Christmas, and is scheduled to deliver its interim report by 1 June. The regulator has called for more residents and their relatives to come forward.

Not an AST ( Assured Short Term ) as most renters are offered ... fixed term of 6 -12 months. If you leave before the end , you will be liable until the end of the AST.

More of a hotel , pay as you go ... empty room ... no income.

One to be wary of should any reader will faced with this situation.