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NHS faces legal action over visitor policy - Carers UK Forum

NHS faces legal action over visitor policy

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This is an important subject generally, but in particular interest to those with around-the-clock caree's, who are unable to communicate effectively, because even if we successfully shield our loved ones from covoid19, there is always the underlying chance they will at some point require hospital treatment for other types of infection or health events which can not be managed at home.

Its not putting the health service down, its simply that those with high level/complex needs are probably at as much risk, if not more, of fatality from clinical negligence due to their needs not being met, than covoid19 itself.

Coronavirus: NHS faces legal action over ‘unsafe and discriminatory’ visitor policy

A disabled woman with high support needs has launched a legal action against NHS England, after it refused to update its policy on visitors that would prevent her being accompanied into hospital if she became ill with coronavirus.

Fleur Perry says that NHS England’s current guidance on visitors during the coronavirus crisis puts her at risk of serious harm, discriminates against her, and breaches her human rights, including her right to life.

The guidance only allows a visitor to accompany a patient into hospital in four situations: if they are in labour; if they are receiving end-of-life care; if they are visiting their child; or if they are experiencing significant mental distress.

Rest of article https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/c ... or-policy/ as theres more.
Thanks for posting this Honey Badger. S has autism and communicates with a talker. It's my experience that even when not under pressure from Covid, hospital staff do not know how to communicate effectively with him and have a very cursory knowledge of autism.

I agree, family carers often need to interpret for their loved ones, even I they are well! My son las LD with speech and language difficulties, when he was in hospital to have 2 teeth out, the nurse repeatedly used language he didn't understand, although I'd gone to great lengths to explain at his pre op assessment!!!