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An example of the broken NHS/Social care system? - Carers UK Forum

An example of the broken NHS/Social care system?

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I have just returned from a visit to a terminally ill (late 70s ) relative. He has aggressive cancer and had been in hospitals for about 6 weeks awaiting place in a Home. He was moved 2 weeks ago to a "Care Centre" whose website says they offer dementia, EOL, nursing, residential and respite care.
I visited there for the first time today and chatting with one of the staff, was informed it is a 60 bed unit but they only have 36 residents. Sure enough as I walked the corridors there were many empty rooms.
Why so many empty rooms, why such waiting lists, why so many people bed blocking in hospital, why so many weeks before my relative was moved and the place is nearly half empty

We weren't rural or remote, this was South East London ffs.

I have since found out it wasn't good in CQC inspection last year but surely someone somewhere should be working to ensure it is up to scratch?

Sorry for ranting and so many questions, and I don't expect answers on here but found the situation totally shocking.

He is there for EOL and it seems ok for that. Not 'homely'for simple residential care and most other residents seem bed or room bound. So what is the problem? Why empty rooms, and so many?
That's crazy! I'd be tempted to write to Norman Lamb, marked for his eyes only, or similar!
My bro's local community hospital (aka 'cottage hospital' as they used to be called!) was 'earmarked for death' by the NHS. So the way they achieved that was by never sending anyone there (quite deliberately and calculatingly).

Then, lo and behold, they could exclaim 'oh, it's completely underused, so we can close it down'!!!!!!

I strongly suspect that is what is happening in your situation. It's deliberate 'underfilling' so they can have an excuse to close it.

I always remember a chilling episode (so many chilling episodes!) in Yes Minister where he visits a shiny brand new hospital, full of kit and beds etc etc etc - but it was completely empty. He quizzed the official who said 'Oh, we haven't got a budget for STAFFING it Minister!' ......

Nothing changes, does it....
This is one of the ones run by a private company, and was only built in 2011. I think they'd be up for as much profit as possible ££££££
Takes both LA and self funders
If I get chance this week Im tempted to call and enquire about respite and see what they say...
Mrs A,
Who funds the LA patients?

Dont know Melly, its way out of my geographical area. If i could find out then what?