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Carers UK's response to the budget - Carers UK Forum

Carers UK's response to the budget

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
See the link below for Carers UK's response to the budget which has been prepared by our Policy and Public Affairs team.

“We are deeply disappointed that there is no additional support for social care in the short term to stave off the crisis on social care which will have a predicted funding gap of £2.5 billion by 2019/20..."

http://www.carersuk.org/news-and-campai ... udget-2017

Diplomatic as usual .... £ 12 BILLION in already announced welfare cuts in the pipeline.

Tin hats now needed in most of Carerland ... it's more like a war zone as each day passes.

.... and for many , the spectre of the UC rollout to come ... carers sucked in through their carees.

Those on higher incomes didn't do too badly ... at least some cheer with those associated with CarerLand ?

Yes , a diplomatic response ... might as well wave a white flag in surrender ?

With growth falling off a cliff , CUK's prediction for the scale of welfare cuts to come ?

After all , those with no representation are the easiest targets ... too bad that they are also the most vunerable in society from a political perspective ?

Look forward to seeing that 5 year plan !

I wonder if it matches mine ... from inside CarerLand ?
Thanks for posting the CUK response to the budget. It appeared to me that carers as a whole were completely and utterly overlooked. Some of the issues that impact some of us individually were touched upon but carers as a whole group were totally disregarded and given zero consideration.
Almost slipped under ther radar ... THIS YEAR'S BUDGET ... due in next few weeks.

Anything therein which preempts the Green Rizla Paper ?

Not much to play with ... never is ?

Who got to play Oliver, with his usual begging bowl , on behalf of us , this year ?

If using same bode since first lobbying , our Oliver will be in his fifties !

Did he even get through the door ?

Still , yet another one to keep a close eye on.

I trust CUK will not announce support for whatever measures before the budget is announced ?
Always interesting to learn of our Irish colleagues and their troubles ... their response to their Budget.

Might be worthwhile CUK reading this thread ... save 'em time in formulating their own press release later this year ?


How Is This A “ Caring Budget ” ?

Family Carers Ireland Bitterly Disappointed That Homecare Crisis Ignored in Budget 2019.

Family Carers Ireland is challenging the Finance Minister’s claim that Budget 2019 is a “caring budget”.

We are bitterly disappointed that Government has ignored the current crisis in homecare with no significant changes announced to address this major issue amongst family carers in Ireland.

In his Budget 2019 speech, Minister Paschal Donohoe spoke of the steps the Government is taking action to increase the State’s “resilience” to economic shocks. Family Carers Ireland is questioning what the Government is doing to boost the resilience of struggling family carers.

Many carers in Ireland have reached breaking point because of the lack of supports available to them and their relentless battle with the system. They are overwhelmed by the isolation, ill-health, exhaustion and financial strain that caring for a loved one can bring.

Last week, a group of Ireland’s leading not for profit organisations and campaigners, including Family Carers Ireland, came together to highlight the urgent need for investment in homecare services pending the introduction of a statutory homecare scheme, calling for an additional €100 million investment in homecare in Budget 2019.

While Family Carers Ireland acknowledges the modest €5 increase in weekly social welfare payments to some carers, a €300 increase in the Home Carer Tax Credit, reduced prescription charges for over 70s, a €150 million increase in funding for disability services, €55 million in additional funding for mental health and an extra €20 million for the National Treatment Purchase Fund, there are many family carers who may not have seen any benefit from this budget. This is especially true for families juggling paid employment and a caring role, young carers and full time carers that are not in receipt of Carer’s Allowance due to means testing.

The organisation hears daily from carers who are housebound due to a lack of support, as well as carers who have collapsed due to exhaustion or who have had to refuse essential medical treatment for themselves because they can’t find replacement care for loved ones.

Catherine Cox, Head of Communications and Carer Engagement with Family Carers Ireland, said:

“We are bitterly disappointed that the Government has ignored the most important issues in our pre-budget submission focusing on carers in crisis. It is evident that carers are under-supported and have difficulty accessing the services they desperately need, in particular respite care to give them a much-needed break. A post-code lottery of services exists whereby where you live determines whether you will receive supports or not. To add to this, we have seen home supports cut significantly over the last 9 years alongside a greater number of people requiring care.”

Family Carers Ireland provides a range of services for family carers through its 26 resource centres nationwide.

Ireland ... and yet , reads almost the same for our last Budget let alone the next one due in a few weeks.

Support services ... priority number two ... simply left to melt away with the knock on effect of placing yet more weight on our shoulders.

When will any Government learn ?