NHS Bed Blocking ? Meet Your Targets ... Or Else !

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Today's Independent for this one.

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/ho ... 900271.htm
Cash-strapped councils told to meet ‘undeliverable’ bed-blocking targets or have social care funding slashed

Councils ordered to reduce number of delayed transfers by up to 70 per cent before winter months or face losing social care funds next year
Says it all really ... Big Brother waving a big stick ?

Well worth a read for " Amusement " if nothing else ... how the Powers To Be completely ignore reality for far too many of our citizens.

Just one comment worthy of being posting ... many more will soon follow in the comment section at the bottom of the article :
There is little joined up thinking with my council, they could easily get people out of hospital earlier but there systems often grind to a halt. I have had people unnecessarily blocking hospital beds for weeks, that could have gone home with a simple care package in place. Hospitals systems can also slow up discharging patients, as with councils everything come to a halt at weekends. It's crazy to see a whole ward of people who don't need to be in hospital.

Let's all hope that this winter is fairly mild again.

If not all bets are off as to the number of casaulties across the country.
From my experience there is a huge gulf between someone being MEDICALLY fit for discharge and actually being fit to live alone again. My mum was FFD so many times, but I disagreed, repeatedly, and was proved right every time. The day after one discharge she was vomiting blood, another time passing blood, another time had MRSA, another time had a chest infection that nearly killed her. The real problem is that elderly people can't be made "better" because they are old.
A letter in the Guardian .... 14 December 2016 .... answers part of the problem :
“Whatever happened to convalescent homes?” asks Mary Conn (Letters, 7 December).

First we need to ask “Whatever happened to the concept of ‘convalescence’?”

I haven’t heard this word used in decades.

Perhaps there’s been the odd PhD about its demise;

If not there ought to be.

It's bizarre disappearance coincides to some extent with the ever-increasing brutality (and short-term stupidity) of government policies and practices that oblige people to function fully before they are recovered (whether being prematurely discharged home before they are ready, and/or prematurely forced back to work).

A half way house between hospital and home .... a solution that fits the problem perfectly ?

Nowadays , they don't come free as part of a patient's recovery program.

Strange how a convenient and beneficial service disappears over time in favour of today's chaos ?

Not if one has the means to pay ... of course ?

A two tiered NHS service ... top tier for ony those who can divi up ?

Aneurin ( Nye ) Bevan would turn in his grave !
In my area we had at least three "cottage hospitals" which were perfect for caring for the elderly who didn't need all the sophisticated equipment of a major hospital, just time and gentle care from qualified nurses. My mum used one several times. All now CLOSED. In theory to direct more resources to the community but no one knows where the money went. I've asked a few times.

Hospital beds are like cars. A small car, a medium size car and a large car will all get you from A to B, but with different equipment. Why used a large expensive car when a small cheap one will do.
Why put someone in an expensive bed if a much simpler cheaper one will do? Cottage hospitals were in the local community, where patients either knew each other, or knew someone else's visitors or nursing staff.
In a general hospital, mine is 20 miles away, it's difficult to reach, difficult to park, a long way from the car park etc. so socially isolated.
Perhaps the Government will ask Nissan up in Sunderland to design a more efficent robot controlled conveyor belt for the NHS hospitals making sure there are enough packing boxes for the finished project once they reach the end of the line ?

After all , that's what OUR hospitals have become ?

Human beings ? Now , that's not the buzz word used anymore ... commodities more like ?