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News Section ? Some Statistics / Feedback Needed : Any Additional Areas Of Interest ? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

News Section ? Some Statistics / Feedback Needed : Any Additional Areas Of Interest ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
Me too Chris. I'm sure many do read, but are overwhelmed, or feel unable to comment.
Thanks ladies ... with in excess of 22,000 posts between you ... the bedrock on which this forum still exists , and occasionly functions.

It's virtually all there for anyone ... information ... just part of what makes readers carers.

Information ... what's going on outside as well as inside CarerLand.

How a carer functions is made up of both physical and mental tasks ... and information on what effects those tasks ... finances to do virtually anything / cutbacks on the horizons / changes in Government policy etc. . ... all of which need to be taken on board ... for next week may herald changes in your daily routine outside of your control , and makes you , as a carer , less efficient.

Planning ... for many , more like a wish list but ... without any knowledge of outside events and present day policies , how can anyone plan ?

Classic example ... just about convinced that you could take up a part time job some day soon ... a whole host of interlocking threads posted on the considerations that need to be examined before even picking up a newspaper , and search for the situations vacant column.

Green Paper ... by the end of the year ... a consultation document ... once that passes into law , it's goodnight Vienna for 10 years as a minimum ... want to know exactly what is being discussed ????

Direct Payments rolled out ...means tested ... caree becomes your employer ... CA disappears as does a " Carer " ... far fetched ?

In CarerLand , it is ALWAYS too late to ... react ... one is then picking up the pieces.

Only carers themselves can change things out there ... provided , of course , you WANT things changed ?????????

Not a criticism ... I save any for " Upstairs " ... merely an observation.

During my stretch , the only time things changed was when I changed them ... as other regulars have done after long battles in many cases , and against long odds at the outset.

In the absence of me , you can always rely on CUK to keep you FULLY appraised with what they think you should know ... can't you ?

I'll soldier on ... the forum ... like being on the SS Titanic , lowest deck ... as fast as I can climb ( Posting ), the ship sinks even faster ( Number of replies ) ?

Local rags ?

If any reader spots something of interest to CarerLand in their excuse for a local rag ... and wants it on the forum ...
just pm me the web address ( .URL ) and I'll take care of it ... with a " Thanks " to whosover ... Mr. / Mrs. Smith if you like ...
if you want to stay anonymous ... passing me the flak , no doubt ?

A continuing reluctance for many to post anything at the moment !
Apologies to all as the number of posts in the NEWS SECTION has fallen recently.

Too many are politically biased ... the very last thing most want to read are party political broadcasts.

I have include a few ... fact ... once the political element is stripped out !

The main NHS MELTDOWN and HOUSING threads being a prime example ... how does one defend the indefensible ???