LA Support With Transporting Disabled Children Problems

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Simmering over the weekend , more apt report in this morning's Independent : ... 38786.html

Half of parents of disabled children forced to reduce working hours due to 'unlawful' cuts to school transport.

30 out of 59 local authorities wrongly tell parents they are not entitled to support, the findings show

Nearly half of parents with disabled children have been forced to reduce their working hours or give up work completely in order to assist their child in getting to school, as many are wrongly refused local authority support, new findings show.

A study by Contact, a charity for families with disabled children, found that 48 per cent of parents were being affected, with nearly a quarter (23 per cent) saying the difficult journeys also harmed their child’s ability to learn.

An investigation by the charity found that out of 59 local authority transport policies for children with additional needs in England, more than half included unlawful blanket statements, or other restrictive criteria, informing parents they aren’t entitled to support.

Many incorrectly maintained that children required a Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) in order to be eligible for school transport.

The Local Government Association (LGA) said councils were working hard to ensure suitable travel arrangements are made for disabled children, but that it was becoming increasingly difficult in the face of “sustained financial challenges”.

Guidelines .... SHOULD / WOULD / COULD ... how often are we seeing those words across the social care spectrum ... even the Care Act is falling on it's face through the interpretation of those words ?

Financial restraints ? Continuing argument as to who is ultimately responsible ?

In light of the findings, Education Secretary Justine Greening has said there will be a review of the statutory guidance for local authorities on transport for disabled children.

A Department for Education spokesperson said: “We are investing £222m over four years to help local authorities improve special educational needs and disability (SEND) services, and local authorities must provide school transport for all eligible children with SEND.

“In light of the findings by Contact, the department will review the statutory guidance for local authorities to ensure it is clear.”

Hardly any comfort for any reader caught up in this latest farce ?

For any readers wanting to know more , the offical Government web site for transport of disabled children to school : ... -needs-sen
I was really pleased to see this. I've heled s numbef of parents get what they were entitled to.