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Benefit hatred is out of control. - Carers UK Forum

Benefit hatred is out of control.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
As soon as i seen the news about that family getting petrol through the letter box, i knew it had something to do with the demonising of the benefit they would be getting, this as to STOP now. This hatred towards people getting benefits is going the same way that the Nazis did in world war 2.
I'm a carer it makes me feel very sad and upset Image to see what the goverment can do to there own people towards the disabled in this country, with the help from the right wing media.
i'm afraid to say there is a culture of have loads of kids get a couple on dla and wait for the money to come in,it's a sad fact that if the benefits system is set up to help people,which it should,there will be people who take advantage of it for financial gain.i do not in any way agree with those kiddies losing their lives and it's a tragedy it came to it,the same as the lady in barwell who took hers and her daughters life in the car after years off abuse in a council estate environment,the council didn't act for them and i'm pretty sure with the family being attacked it was the tip of the iceberg after similiar abuse,estate culture is a different way of life if people who read this who don't understand it i'm pleased that you don't because you haven't been it that position in your lifes.my sister in law had lots of kids ,9 i think,to get extra benefits and spent the money on drugs,take aways and booze,whilst the kids lived in a s**t hole and slept on mattresses on the floor with dog pee and poo everywhere,i reported her to social sevices and they rang to book an appointment with her,she then cleaned up and threatened the kids to be quiet,god help us,she left a council estate in loughborough after being abused,air rifles shot at the house etc,probably because the neighbours didn't agree with the way they treated the kids ,she did a runner and left all the animals in the house to die and moved to middlesbrough to another dump,the kids are now in care and safe,but ultimately will be loved as children and not treated as a means of money for drugs.
Getting DLA is hardly easy as you would know Malc. it is not a simple process and there needs to be a lot of corroborating evidence from care providers and professionals. It is quite likely that a first time application will get refused and may have to go for appeal and a tribunal. People who are awarded DLA have usually had to jump through hoops for it.

Also I wouldn't imagine that having "loads of kids" is really a prosperous way to live, the benefits hardly cover the expenses. I say this as someone who has a husband and my son on DLA and I had 4 kids living at home. I never considered myself to have loads of money coming in and it certainly wasn't a career move.I also live on a council estate.

It can be so dangerous to tar people in similar circumstances with the same stereotypical, judgemental brush.
hi .i am disgusted with this so called great britain.
i did not know that the reason that family was burned out was because they were on benefits.
i wonder if when we come back from the states in august we will find our flat or the car has been torched.
i expect there will be a letter from the income support people asking if we have been out of the country.
knowing some of our noisy neibours i betting there will be.
sorry about the spelling mistakes.
misunderstood,did you read all my post,if so you would have got the point that the money didn't go on the kids in my sister in laws case but on drugs etc and the kids lived like tramps,if you look after your kids the right way they are expensive but not everybody does,i wasn't tarring anybody with the same judgemental brush,i was council born and bred but have you ever lived on the mathews estate in leicester or similiar where you daren't go out after dark and hookers on street corners and druggies,lucky to say i haven't,but know people that have and they say you keep yourself to yourself or row in or s**t hits the fan,the figures for 9 kids,2 on dla,7 not will give you £600 a week in child tax credit and thats a lot of money for drugs and take aways if your kids eat rubbish and you don't buy clothes for them or a bed,when posting i draw on my experiences and put the facts down,i didn't grasp the extent of the drug culture till i drove a taxi,not everybody from place is the same but spend a week in a rough council estate then tell me i'm wrong,or better still tell the woman and daughter who committed suicide through constant abuse in barwell she imagined it all she got the wrong idea of living in council property,take you rose tinted glasses off,there's some horrible places to live in good old england !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I live and work in Leicester, Malc - always have done - and although there are some areas where you have to take reasonable precautions I wouldn't say any area is effectively a "no go" area, or any worse than any other for drugs, etc. And one of the poorest areas was one where I found many on benefits who would take a CUT in income just to be back in work.

In fact I work about 300 yards from the St Matthews Estate and have occasionally had to do home visits there: I've never had any problems.

There will always be some who "milk" the system. You have only to look at our MPs to realise this. They became masters of it - but they understood the system, and not everyone can or does. Or wants to.
Has for your sister in law, the system let her down long ago at a early age, maybe her family (if she had one) that nurture her to adulthood, didn't install the rights and wrongs in this world, the education system may have been sub standed. You need to look deeper than the benefit. Having all those kids was a means to a end, to get the benefits to get drugs. But the goverment and the right wing media demonising all that are on benefits in one way or another (atm the working age adults).
charles i assume you've not visited the mathews early hours and asked the opinions of the taxi drivers in the area,royd she had the same upbringing as my wife and chose the drugs and benefit etc route,she let herself down but mainly those children caught up in her life,but at least they're safe and clean now,god love em!
Yes Malc, I have read your post and not wanting to talk about your sister-in-law in particular, I wanted to to look at the bigger picture and not just talk about an isolated incident. If your sister in law had a substance abuse problem then that may explain her neglect of her children. Not an excuse by any means, but a more plausible reason than just wanting to procreate for financial benefit. What happened to your sister in law's children is tragic, but I have to disagree when you said she "chose" this way of life. I don't think anyone would willingly choose to become a drug addict and neglect their kids. It's more something people fall into and can't get out of again.

No I haven't ever lived in the estate you mention, but neither it sounds, have you.This isn't a competition and I wasn't attacking you. When I referred to tarring people with the same brush I was referring to society and the media. I don't consider that I have rose tinted glasses on, I just don't jump to conclusions about people using their children for financial gain. However I am also aware that this sort of attitude fuels hatred and is dangerous. it needs to be stopped and I feel frightened when I hear people making assumptions about people on DLA. There is so much of it out there already.