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"New Opportunities" White Paper Next week - Carers - Carers UK Forum

"New Opportunities" White Paper Next week - Carers

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Next week, the Skills Secretary will publish a "New Opportunities" White Paper, including a pilot scheme for carers who have been out of work for five years to be given a £500 retraining grant to help them back into the job market.
Wonderful. Image Now all we need is for them to realise that there are care needs to sort out, 21 hour rules to abolish, etc. etc.
From what I've read carers is widely defined and includes mothers caring for their children. I can't see many carers rushing to take this up, we simply don't have the time and many carers are past retirement age so they will not benefit at all from this.

It's all very well announcing that the government is doing something for carers but if it does nothing for the majority it's yet another hollow promise. I would prefer the money to be spent on giving more carers access to the carers grant to assist carers under the greatest pressure, £500 would transform so many carers' lives and enable them to keep going longer, the carer would benefit and so would the taxpayer in the longer term by not having to fund state-provided care when the carer could no longer cope.
Like Parsifal, I read that as seeming to include stay-at-home mothers.

£500 would go nowhere if I needed to retrun to nursing. Who would support the family, while I did my training?How would I live?£500 would barely fund travel arrangements for study, let alone books,uniform and anything ese needed.

Did you also notice the statement about youngsters-"We can't just leave them to fend for themselves."That was in the same article, and regarding the school leaving age possibly being raised to 18 this summer, to stop them adding to unemployment figures!
Might be good for a few but its the caring needs that want sorting,day to day.
Pay me 500 a week,which is not far off what it would cost to pay a local government carer and take me of benifits.
No problem
now then when iam away training to be a clever clogs who will care for the old doll it aint free so my £500 is for who the training programme or to pay for a care worker to sit with the old doll when iam out.
It's a vicious circle. I interpreted it as mothers with young children as well. In this day and age if you are needing to employ a care worker to look after your caree then £500 will go nowhere, much better to pay carers a decent amount that reflects the work they do.

Karen x x
It sounds good but how I can leave my husband unattended at home? - I am alone Carer.
Direct payment? - well, it is up to local authority to decide.
£500 for us Carers to get (another) qualification for better life? - HOW?? We all are at a historical crisis of economy!
If we, Carers can be in education / leave home to do something then our Caree must be undisabled.
Image Image Image
Personally i think they want to be seen 'doing something' Its not what we need as carers, there is no way i could go to work and leave my partner home alone.