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New Member - Carers UK Forum

New Member

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.

Just to say that I have joined the Carer's UK forum today. Having read some of the previous messages,it seems this is the perfect place for me to get anybody out there who can fill me in with any current news or gaps regarding carer's welfare as I am dual carer and work full time.

I am particularly more pathed in joining a lobby group and which I will be finding out more on the 17th August in my local carers association from my home town of Birmingham, in getting equal rights both financial and peace of mind for carer's where ever they live in the country so it can be put forward to the Government who is going to make lives easier for carer's and not just use words but...Real Change!

Would be great to hear from others so we can get this networking group in progress. Image

Thanks All.

Hi Adam

Welcome to the forum. There are many local campaigning groups you can involved in. I know for example that Carers UK's Birmingham branch has been very active in lobbying for better services for carers and I think have recently secured funding for an emergency scheme in Birmingham.

Make sure you sign up to Equal Partners - Carers UK's mailing list for campaigning carers. Through equal partners you can get briefings and a newsletter about local campaigning.

There's lots on the website.

Sign up for equal partners http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... alPartners
read about other campaigning carers http://www.carersuk.org/Getinvolved/Equ ... rsinaction

Best wishes

Matt Hill
Carers UK
Welcome to the forum Adam.

Hope to read more from you and learn about your caring role as well as your campaigning one.

A great group of people here,wont take you long to get to know us.

hi all,

i am also a new member. i cared for my husband for over 10 years during his epileptic seizures and mood swings.

he had a tumour removed last august, no seizures since then (fingers crossed), and has been given the all clear to return to work. also, the mood swings and temper tantrums have gone. amazing what a bit of pressure on the brain can cause!

i recently became the administrator for birmingham carers association, who are a campaign group in the birmingham area.

issues we have flagged up are the modernisation of day centres, carers allowance, direct payments and social worker training, to name a few.

i fell across this site, and others, during a research excercise on the net.

Welcome to the site!

yippeee another fighter!!

this is why we are all tiered,, caring all day and fighting for a better life, not fair is it