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New blog post from Gordon - Carers UK Forum

New blog post from Gordon

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.

I returned from holiday to be greeted by the news that the busiest month for people reading my blog was the very month that my blog was written by other people. It’s good to know when you’re missed…

But, I guess this is a good thing. It takes a village afterall and it’s always worth listening to other people’s points of view...

Labour M.P. ALAN MEALE Mansfield said carers had suffered because they have "NOT MADE AS MUCH NOISE AS OTHER GROUPS" " OR SHOWN ANGER"
could he name the other groups who have made "SOME NOISE" and what form did their "ANGER " take and what monetary reward did the receive .

He also said it was time carers made "THEMSELVES HEARD" well it`s obvious to me, he for one has not been listening to the response cares have made to the welfare reform bill for a start and many other issues.

He then said we do have a choice " WE CAN SPEND MONEY ON CARERS OR IN OTHER AREAS "
could he tell me how much money we could spend in other areas or on carers and what are the other areas .
His last comment is moral blackmail is this man for real he is way out of order .
does he want cares to take the cash at the expense of the pensioners,pensioners in poverty, elderly disabled, young disabled children , children in poverty , social care /day centers/ domicillary day care and on and on and on....

will he support cares who will get so angry that they will vent that anger by breaking the law? if the government ignore carers for much longer, with ALAN MEALE`s support and blessing we will break the law .

This M.P. obviously has no idea of what carers have been campaigning for over the last 20 years at least, he is probably not the only M.P.who has has little or no knowledge of what carers requier .....
I agree George, I wasnt impressed by the soundbite either - I'm assuming he is on our side but the sentiment was unfortunate and clumsy. Carers are too busy caring to be able to organise mass demonstrations of muscle like the Trades Unions or the Students, and if the resources flow to those who shout the loudest, then carers will always be at the end of the queue.
At last we agree -

to be serious we or should i say some carers will end up so angry that direct action will be the result, when younger and fitter i was on dozens of demos even on one with Tony Blair, it is so easy for moderate campiagners to turn violent = those against fox hunting, once groups get taken over by the idiots thats the end =they made it a class war i am against fox hunting but dropped it when the class war idiots took over...
Shout louder = dictatorship by the majority.
Thats old fashioned socialism, but doesn't help carers much.
When at work on overhead line i used the democratic leadership method , my squad was the best by far , our boss once asked me how i got so much out of the lads "it`s the democratic leadership that i employ" , "how does that work" asked Mac, "it`s oh so easy when we have a job to do we all sit down and have a chat about how we will tackle the job, then i tell them what to do" .....nowt to do with the fact that i made sure we had hot food , drinks , rest and as soon as the job was done we all ***** *** home early and i sat and waited for the first train to pass safely .....dont tell the railway inspector ....oh happy days