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Neighbourhood watch groups should provide care - Carers UK Forum

Neighbourhood watch groups should provide care

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Neighbourhood watch groups should be responsible for providing care to more than a million “miserable and lonely” pensioners, the health minister has said.

The plans, which have the approval of senior Government figures and have been welcomed by Neighbourhood Watch leaders, would help to reduce the number of pensioners forced into care homes, the Liberal Democrat minister hopes.
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politic ... ister.html
Words fail me. Well, polite ones do.
What planet is he on? How on earth could he think that would work?
Ditto, Charles.
Well what a load of TOSH Image , we couldn't even get our apathetic street to join Neighbourhood Watch, never mind this , Im astounded Image
the phrase 'passing the buck' springs to mind.

Do these people live in the real world.
Total twaddle....I can think of a few more words too, but none of them suitable for a carers forum!!! There is a whole world of a difference between occasionally popping in to an elderly neighbour and providing the sort of care many of our carees need. Do carees want any Tom Dick or Harry caring for them?! It could be the recipe for theft and abuse. Carees wouldn't have any dignity or self respect if they had to accept anybody who rolled up. I'd like to see the politicians and civil servants who dreamed this idea up helping with someone 24/7 for a week at the "heavy" end of caring.
And what do they expect to happen with working age disabled people like my son? It isn't just elderly people who need support with feeding, personal care etc.

They're only interested in the grey vote, Eun.

I'm grey. Have I got news for them! Image Image
I have just seen this and I am speechless which is unusual for me it shows how little the government understands about what is involved in caring .The neighborhood watch groups are already standing in for the police now they want them to stand in for carers why not go the whole hog and let the neighborhood watch run the country they couldn't do any worse than the bunch of clowns doing it now.