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Universal Credit, people with disabilities and carers - Carers UK Forum

Universal Credit, people with disabilities and carers

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
More information on how the government proposes that Universal Credit will effect people with disabilities and carers, including important changes to the premiums currently available via means-tested benefits, is now available through the publication of the DWP's Universal Credit Equality Impact Assessment:

http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/eia-universa ... wr2011.pdf
As we know these documents are for the educated idiots that run our lives, not for us ordinary folk . Take the section below re "carers" it says carers allowance will not be affected but we have been informed many times that the carers allowance will be affected,yet within the document they talk of additional elements such as caring , we will continue to receive the same level of benefit but carers who claim other benefits will be moved onto the universal credit , carers who can not claim/are not entitled to other benefit support will remain outside the universal credit ..why cant they tell us what that would mean "outside the universal credit"
or have they changed their minds again...are some of us in the universal credit or not ???
and those on D.L.A. will be moved onto P.I.P. and what of the Attendance allowance .thank god all of the benefits we claim are via the service personal and veterans agency except the reduced A.A. and my C.A. ..lets hope in 2013 /14 those in power will know what they are doing .

Universal Credit is an integrated working-age credit that will provide a standard allowance with additional elements for children, housing and other particular needs or circumstances such as "caring", childcare and disability. It will support people both in and out of work, replacing Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Housing Benefit, Income Support, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance and income-related Employment and Support Allowance.* Disability Living Allowance and Carers Allowance* will not be affected by the introduction of Universal Credit. It will primarily support working age adults and children, up to an upper age limit linked to the qualifying age for Pension Credit.1
Besides all the political speak which makes this sound so reasonible when you read it. One of my big concerns is the online stuff. I know it says there will be other ways of access but this access is usually really hard to get (trying to find phone numbers for gov depts is a nightmare at times already. I've worked with the so called digitally excluded. Its hard work to get people online and trained to use a PC and the gov has cut funding for this. Lots of people don't have access at home and use library PC's with the additional bonus that library staff are trained to find information. Don't know if anyones noticed but local councils are cutting libraries left right and centre to save money so how are people going to get to apply for these benefits

Sorry rant over
Gov speak Outside the universal credit
joe bloggs speak You're not gona get it!!!
Thank you Parsifal for posting the link. I would not describe myself as an "educated idiot" none the less i will read everything on the link with interest Image

ps i dont describe myself as ordinary either Image Image
Silly me, I thought that George must be referring to himself as he has obviously read it and even found something which related to his personal circumstances Image Image Image .
Carers Allowance won't be touched. It's everything else around it that will be.
I managed to read half, and am sceptical.

I have had no problems with the local council sorting out Council tax benefit,
no problems with the HMRC sorting the Child Tax Credits,
the DWP however are a bunch of muppets who have 'lost' so many important documents of ours, cocked up payments, and have given different advice each time we have phoned them.

Am I reading correctly that the DWP are to sort all payments????

If so, we're all doomed
I wonder why we should even bother to read all this speculative stuff, I mean, we could be watching dodgy videos on Youtube or reading a book. I reckon we should just chip in a few quid to campaigning charities every year and let them do all the policy analysis work, I would rather kick a ball or go for a swim with my boy. Life is far too short to read all the garbage put out by either Westminster or Holyrood.
The Welfare Reform Bill is no longer speculative, it is currently going through its final stages in Parliament, it is expected to receive Royal Assent at the end of the year, the software to implement the UC is already in development. You may believe that it is fine for the public to not know what their elected representatives propose for them, for them not to have sufficient information to lobby their MPs, I happen not to agree, especially when these proposals will impact on their lives. I have provided the information, whether or not members read it, what they do with it, is up to them but at least they have had access to it where they might not otherwise have done.
I agree with you Annie. Raising awareness is vital.
Did you listen to any of the committee today re WRB. I only caught a short section after work but at least was bit about carers. Freud still cant answer questions re carers when asked by the Lords.
Supposed to be going back to Miller re the PiP name too.