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Changes to Pension Credit are coming. - Carers UK Forum

Changes to Pension Credit are coming.

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Apparently if someone over sixty is a partner of someone under sixty they will no longer recieve Pension Credit just because they have a younger spouse. I knew the bas***ds would do this. There was also some quite offensive comments on the thread about the younger spouse in an age gap relationship quote "sitting on their a**e" unquote so hopefully my post about me and my hubbys situation put them straight. Prejudiced ***holes!
Just asked on MSE what will happen to us as I am 52 and care for my disabled daughter and also my Mum who had a stroke, hubby is 61 and not in good health with chronic back pain (scoliosis) and diabetes so would find it hard to work.

Its all very worrying
I think the idea Nilla is to make the younger spouse work in any low paid job no matter what the circumstances are at home with regards to dependants, disabilities caring etc and this one wage will have to support yourself and your spouse so that they can reduce the benefits they are currently paying to and because of the older spouse.
Ironically Nilla if we were to leave our husbands and divorce them (this is just for arguments sake) they would keep their Pension Credit.
Its just occured to me that the DWP will be checking up on future older divorcees to check that they ARE actually living on their own much in the same way that they do with single parents now!
Well I will go on Income support and put hubby down as a dependant, how can I work hen Mum needs help showering etc I am sure she would love hubby helping with that....not!!!
The Government have found the Holy Grail it is called the Universal Credit and Personalisation.
I think you will find Income support is on its way out checkout

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... F3,13P5U,1
Act by 5 April to boost your State Pension
Around 70,000 people, mainly women, can boost the amount of State Pension they get. And if they pay by 5 April 2011, they can get backdated payments of State Pension too

How they expect 'unpaid carers' to pay this amount of money is beyond me Image