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My Thoughts on Carers issues and Campaigning ? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

My Thoughts on Carers issues and Campaigning ?

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
It's easy for anyone to say "Joe/Fred/someone else thought of this first."

Let's be honest. We're all carers and these thoughts have gone through all of our heads at one time or another because we've been through the same mill. There is no copyright on feelings or similar experiences, and so no credit is due. Even if, as Rosemary rightly points out, it is even relevant in these circumstances.
That's exactly right Charles people who have had a similar experience would say/think
similar things. It's not a case of stealing other peoples ideas/campaigns etc.

When new members join these Carers forums, finding so many people who they can
identify with is a revelation. It was to me.
What does it matter who thought of what or when, or if it's all been done before.
To put people down for wanting to do something is an odd way to behave. To get
a movement/campaign of any kind going people need to be encouraged.
The way things are going at the moment we won't even bother to say goodmorning,
after all someone said that yesterday.
Rosemary I was really touched by your words.
Everything we face ,we face it together,not as individuals.

We support letters/emails/petitions so many times and we know deep in our hearts that they will not be successful but we have to keep trying,keep plugging away till such time WE are successful.
The petition isn't my idea, it was Clive#s I am just trying to help get more people to sign it as it could be helpful if people were pulling otgether though I don't see many from here adding their name
I think the answer is because we are all individuals with freedom of choice but as Rosemary says all united and doing our best for carers, but we actually feel alone in our caring roles.
with best wishes to all
Hi all

I am saddened at the sniping remarks i have been reading. I find it quite disturbing and upsetting. I thought the idea of these forums was to help and support each other not to pull each other to pieces. Arguing about who thought of what first or who used who's idea is childish and pathetic. Surely people need to pull together and not apart if anything is to be gained for carers.

If its praise and recognition that people are after then i'm sorry but i do not feel that these forums are where they should be posting. I myself have posted very little to the forums purely because mums conditions give me very little time (something i feell were all very familiar with) -
and not because i dont have anything to offer or dont need advice. Believe me i have done and still do. one of the problems i am dealing with at the moment is a complaint to the health care commission about mums hospital care. I also have issues with other bodies.

I will continue to read the postings but will not be contributing to the forums. It is sad but i really felt that everybody was pulling together for the same cause. Is it any wonder that carers causes never seem to get anywhere!!!!!

Good Luck to all carers

Morning Amber,

Whilst the decision to post on / read the forums is a personal one ,I would ask you to reconsider your decision.Please do not let the actions of others determine your own.
You have not been the only one to find this upsetting but overall we do all support each other.

You were right in what you said about 'not having time' being something that many are familiar with but that fact alone makes it more important that you and others know where to come to if needing help and support.Also,to give support, because somewhere along the line your own experiences will benefit another member in the future.

I hope you and mam are well and that the sun is shining in Blackpool.

To all members/lurkers,

If anyone else out there has had the same feelings and thoughts as Amber,please do not let it put you off posting.We are all Carers albeit it our circumstances differ , but wherein we all join for various reasons,the main aim is to be there for one another in good times and bad,especially the bad.It breaks my heart to think that the actions of a few may stop an individual seeking advice and support.
We have to be there for one another, as for some the internet is their only form of support.

Hoping everyone is well.
x x x x
I would just like to second what Rosemary has said so well. The main reason for this forum to help, support and advise. As Carers we know how hard life can be and therefore we need to pull together and the majority do!

I too hope that this doesn't stop members from posting or joining as I know for alot of Carers this is the only haven they have from caring.

Take care
Maryann x

Not sure what I can add. Tony has certainly not broken any rules. Carers Uk welcomes debate on campaigning, tactics etc. There is also plenty of room for different approaches as there are in field of animal cruelty. We are a charity and have to abide by charitable law.

My plea is that we are respectful of each others opinions.

Best wishes