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Why do people become carers, what makes them diffrent from the other people who choose not to take on that role in life?I believe that in todays society people are brought up to think of only themselves and what they can get out of life, gone are the days when neighbours would help you out if you needed a hand with something, people keep themselves to themselves, carers tend to be selfless people who put others before themselves, to be a carer one has to put our own needs to one side, we have to get on with what life puts infront of us, we may moan, we may cry but we get on with things, sadly society does not recognise what carers do for this country, the government have failed us, this country has failed us, the future looks very bleak for carers but whatever happens you can be rest assured that carers will continue caring for the people they love and respect.
What has this government done for carers? nothing is the short answer to that question, Labour or should i call them new labour, it makes no diffrence, have done nothing for carers in all the years they have been in power, when you write to MPs or government ministers they reply with the usual condesending clap trap, they care nothing for the six million carers in this country, soon they will have to take notice, the numbers of carers is growing, the number of elderly is growing, if this government think they can bank on carers sitting back and doing nothing to fight for what is morally the right thing to do, then this labour government have a big shock in store for themselves, carers are sick and tired at being told that the government recognise what carers do, if they recognised the work we do they would pay carers an amount of money that was possible to live on, carers should not have to beg for money just so they can turn their fires on or buy themselves clothes to wear, this is a disgrace, labour is no longer a party for the people it only cares about the city.
I have been looking into the huge gap between what foster carers get given in payments and what carers get paid, let the government explain to us in a clear way why they put such and such value on foster carers, but us people who actually volunteer to care for our sick and disabled relatives are treated worse than peasents, we are penalised, there is no financial incentive for us where as becoming a foster carer there can be financial incentives, dont get me wrong foster carers do a good job and should get paid a living amount for taking on a child into their home, they get payments for clothes, pocket money, christmas money, some councils pay for milage travelled in taking kids to hospital and other places, they also get 24hr a day support, they sometimes even get financial help for making a property bigger, some councils will even helpprovide vehicles so you can transport the foster children about easily, all these things are great, what do carers get, they get forty eight pounds per week and maybe a carers premium if their lucky, a total of about eighty pounds per week, most though just get the forty eight pounds per week to live on, also as a carer you have to worry about what the person you are caring for also gets because in most cases either you or they will have monies deducted from one benefit or the other, this is unfair, it is unjust and morally bankrupt of a government to treat its people like this.
The overlapping rule which is a very old rule should be scrapped, it is out of date and is inapropriate for this day and age with regards to carers and their needs, it must be scrapped and scrapped now, this rule effects pensioners when they come to retirement age, it stops, why,? your role as a carer continues to go on, you still have the same financial problems as the day before you retired but now you will have fifty pounds less to survive on, this government can afford to give prisoners TVs in their cells, computers, radios, a choice of meals everyday, prisoners are even covered by the human rights act, i think there is something wrong with this picture dont you?
This country is now coming into a very dangerous period, immigration is out of control, crime is out of control, education has never been worse, we have ten year olds who cannot read or write or tell the time, parenting skills are non existent, feral kids roaming the streets to do as they will, the justice system is biased against the law abiding citizen, it is easier for the police to target the good of our society rather than actually catch the scum who are ruining this country, the government will not do anything untill society fights back, this is going to happen very soon, people can only be trodden on so much then we will say enough is enough.
I also think that the main charities should be doing much more, they are too soft when it comes to dealing with the government, they must get tough, if they are not achieving anything then maybe they need to rethink their strategy, having conferences and meetings is all very well but it does nothing to actually attack the government, that is what is needed , a charity needs to come out with a mass campaign and actually tell it like it really is.
Other charity organisations manage to put over there problems, just look at how the RSPCA get their point of view across, they put out posters of animals suffering in terrible conditions, are carer charities affraid to get that grphic in their campaigning? i think its time for the public to really see the problems of what carers lives are really like, campaigning by the main charities has been very nice and gentle, nothing to offend anyone, thats the problem, the campaigning has been weak, if these other groups can campaign succesfully then i am sure with all the skills that us carers have we could come up with a good and effective poster campaign, it needs to be very graphic for it to work, what are your thoughts please, let me know.
Over the next few years the amount of carers will increase, the pressure on carers will increase, the money we do get now will no longer be enough to pay for the basics, the only thing left for us will be civil unrest,as i have said before, we are being penalised because we care, the government needs to ask itself does it want a society of such division as it has now or does it want to make peoples lives better who are contributing to this nations welfair, what are your thoughts on what i have said?

Tony Rhodes ( National Carers Forum )
Hi Tony,

That has got to be one of the best postings I have read in a while.We read facts and figures over and over again but yours was so full of raw emotion.

Well done
x x
Tony, I agree with so much of what you say.

But I have to say that the hard part for Carers Charities is that the message is lost. More people are willing to support animal charities than ours because "the poor dears can't speak for themselves." Look at the number of people who avoid Big Issue sellers - people who are at least trying to drag themselves out of the gutter. Carers? We get phone calls from people who think we're a union for care workers, or a careers centre.

Carers, as a charity, are not "sexy." Yet collect money for a children's hospice and the money flows. I'm not being critical of the charities by the way.

The plain fact is that most people think we should be the ones to provide the care because there's lots of help out there and anyone who says there isn't is either a liar or ignorant. Until it happens to them.

Funny old world. Image
Tony---I agree with what you say--Enoch Powell said it years ago-"The streets of Britain will be running with blood"- and it will come!!! glad I won't be around in twenty years time to see it.

Charles-- I agree with you that people think we do get well looked after-but for that I blame the charities-- they come out of hiding and welcome everything the Government do _they only get in peoples faces during carers week and only gently then.

If they told the truth - that nothing that has been done is of benefit to most carers -then people may begin to see the reality.
Thanks charles and Ken, i just think that the charities could use more in your face sort of campaigning methods, as i said about the RSPCA what about a poster campaign with pictures of elderly people suffering with terrible bed sores, people covered in filth, bruises, malnourished people, all this should be in very graphic pictures so the public see what is happening.
When PETA the anti fur charity wanted to get their point over about culling baby seals they did a incredible poster campaign with blood covered super models, the charities need to make a shock campaign, the country really needs to see what is going on.
You only have to look on the internet for pictures of elderly abuse, i strongly believe this is one way to go, its time that the government saw that carers and the elderly will not tolerate this poor care anymore, sorry if i seem a bit hot headed over this but i am very serious about getting something going with the big charities, they could do this if they wanted to, they need to be more adventerous, we need to grab the publics attention now because if we wait much longer it will just be too late.

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Tony, Clive has been saying those words for over 2 years now, shoudln't you give him the credit he is due? After all what you are saying is almost like stealing his ideas and words and claiming credit for it.

Oh, and Carers UK, you banned him for saying the same thign about your charity, seems odd one person gets banned and you allow someone else to say the same things, care to explain?
Tony, Clive has been saying those words for over 2 years now, shoudln't you give him the credit he is due? After all what you are saying is almost like stealing his ideas and words and claiming credit for it.

Oh, and Carers UK, you banned him for saying the same thign about your charity, seems odd one person gets banned and you allow someone else to say the same things, care to explain?
How can one person expect credit when you have a potential 6 million + carers who have all had the same or similar thoughts.These issues have been round for a long time,way over 2 yrs,discussed many times and highlighted many times and there will be many more carers in the future who will share these thoughts and voice them.

Tony wrote from his heart about something that was so personal to him and it was obvious he drew on his own experiences.He has posted his comments on many sites including media and almost everywhere it has received support.His passion to help carers should be congratulated, not taken to task.
There may be comments in there that some have reservations about but like Ken and Charles did,its easy enough to say.
I know Tony, and whilst him and I dont always agree,I know how passionate he is about these issues.Not once have I seen him ask for credit .
Does that mean for every petition thats started,every letter/email thats sent, that the originator has to recognised solely.
Everything we face ,we face it together,not as individuals.

We support letters/emails/petitions so many times and we know deep in our hearts that they will not be successful but we have to keep trying,keep plugging away till such time WE are successful.

Its the same with your petition a-million-names.I dont think it will succeed but did not stop me from supporting and signing it.Only time will tell, but we have to do it collectively.

I sent letters in 2005,2006,2007 and covered some of the same points Tony did but no way did it cross my mind to say...."Hey Tony,you copied my thoughts ".Its ridiculous.

Success/failure for me is never an issue.Its about the attempt made and the support given by ALL.If we dont all pull in the same direction,what Hope do we have? NONE

I'm afraid that does'nt really hold up rosemary, Tony took it almost word for word from what has been posted on the dark sides site without saying that's where 'his' idea came from.

Tony wrote from his heart AND other peoples sites, it's downright sneaky if you ask me, so mcuh has come from Clive's site and people are using their ideas without giving them the credit they deserve, they have forced this charity to sit up and get off their backsides a little.

And we can't all pull in the same direstion when there are set rules fro one person and another set of rules for another.

The petition isn't my idea, it was Clive#s I am just trying to help get more people to sign it as it could be helpful if people were pulling otgether though I don't see many from here adding their name
How can sharing/using of information be classed as sneaky.

I belong to several forums and combine articles I read there along with my own experiences and also news articles to make many comments.No way would I class myself as sneaky.
I use it in a way that will hopefully benefit others as Tony did.

You said
Tony wrote from his heart AND other peoples sites
The same can be said for many of us.How many times do we ALL read something seperate to the forum we belong to and take it back, if we think it may be of use.I know I am guilty of it.

This only my own personal opinion but for me the word credit has no place in a carers world.

It's easy for anyone to say "Joe/Fred/someone else thought of this first."

Let's be honest. We're all carers and these thoughts have gone through all of our heads at one time or another because we've been through the same mill. There is no copyright on feelings or similar experiences, and so no credit is due. Even if, as Rosemary rightly points out, it is even relevant in these circumstances.

Let's be honest about something else: Tony had the same warnings from CUK when he overstepped the rules. He apologised and now no longer makes statements about CUK that are contrary to the facts - which is the rule Clive consistently broke. He is able to raise concerns and even complain about CUK policy and to suggest an alternative approach. Some of us on this site have already done so with success, and where we have not succeeded, we are much clearer about the reasons why a particular approach or policy is in place. Cheryl's letter is a case in point.

Tony has suggested an alternative advertising strategy. It is now up to CUK and other charities to consider the pros and cons of such an approach and to decide accordingly.

All of which is fair enough, don't you think, a-million-names?