What is the purpose of the 'local campaigning' section of the forum?

There are a whole range of issues that are decided locally by councils and the NHS, that have a big impact on carers' lives. Carers UK is helping carers to make their voice heard locally through a campaign called Equal Partners. Through Equal Partners we’ve built up a network of over 1500 carer campaigners and supporters across the UK.

This new section of the forum is called ‘Local campaigning’ and is for carers to discuss issues with other carer campaigners so you can share ideas and learning.

The rules of this section are the same as the rest of the forum and can be found here.
There is also a frequently asked questions section here.

What is Equal partners?
The equal partners campaign believes that carers should play a meaningful role in the design and delivery of local services. We offer practical information and skills to help you get your message across with local authorities, politicians, the media and other influential people. All our resources such as briefings newsletters and training opportunities are free for carers.

You can find out more on our website: www.carersuk.org/equalpartners.

What sort of issues should be discussed on this forum?

Any issues that impact on carers' lives and can be influenced locally by councils and the NHS.

Examples include : Direct payments, quality of services to disabled people, cuts to respite care, carers' assessments, charges for services, information strategies, reaching hidden carers, hospital discharge, access to GP services and many more.
  • * Maybe you’ve found out some useful information which has helped your campaigning, and other carers might benefit from?
    * have you achieved a positive change for carers – e.g. in the spending of the Carers Grant, or other local care services?
    * perhaps you’ve hit a wall in your campaign and want other carers’ ideas about what to do next – who to contact, sources of support?
    * Have you got a good practice example which you and other local carers are involved with which has made a difference locally- such as carers being involved in developing new services?
From time to time, Carers UK would also like to know your views about a particular topic, such as carers’ benefits, and carers’ health and what examples you’ve got - good or bad to back up our campaigning and achieve national change. Together we’ll make a difference.