my feelings.

Discuss news stories and political issues that affect carers.
I agree - but there are 6 million carers, all different, out there.

Which one can CUK choose and say "this one is representative of all carers?"

It's a no-win situation, so it's important that as many of us as possible offer to be interviewed, so that as wide a cross-section of carers as possible is available.

Don't you think? Image
Yes Charles, but maybe is now the time to show another side of caring.
Carers who cannot get services, who are fighting for benefits, who do not get any sleep, who are fed up with cleaning up sick and other matter, the list could go on and on.
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I don't disagree Wendy.

I see too many carers in the situation you're describing. And carers who receive some services (but nowhere near enough) who are told they are moaning, ungrateful, etc.

What I'm saying is that CUK needs a pool of carers to contact for media interviews that can show all the different aspects of caring, from those few who are properly supported right through to those who are in the same situation but get nothing. If nothing else it would show how seriously bad the postcode lottery is, and the difference it makes to the carers involved.

Talk about "before" and "after..."
I have been thinking a great deal about what has been said. I think it would be difficult for CUK to show distressed carers on tv, or it may look as if they were not doing their job.
But how about if they tried and at the end said we have contacted SS, benefits office, etc to get things changed for the carer.
I suppose another point is that bad news is not interesting for tv, but I always remember the programme Cathy Come Home.
If someone could do a programme for Carers like that and CUK could step in to make changes, surely that must be good.
i was thinking not so much as distressed carers wendy as angry carers.

less than the 'poor me' attitude, more 'don't you realise what we are doing for the country, financially etc.etc.' Yes to be included in this basic facts about what its like day to day to day to day, but also with a bit of attitude, and as i say, anger. Image
Pam--I'm with you again on this--every time a carer is shown on tv- they look and sound as though they are working to a script.

We don't want a "poor me" on we want somebody angry enough to tell what it's like being let down by Government and ALL the services--how it's not the actual caring that wears us down but the constant battles to get the simplest things to make our job bearable.

Charles--it doesn't matter what the carers circumstances are- this would benefit ALL carers if the country could be made aware that -finance-and support services are totally inadequate at the moment-- so yes -- we need anger- tempered with common sense-to put that message across.

Regards Ken
Yes of course Pam,
So many feelings out there.
Anger, loss, rejection, pain, fear, despair, helplessness, confusion,etc., etc.
Plenty for the media to report.
Sorry Ken,
We posted at the same time.
the easiest way ...and best way to get public awareness, is for a Soap Coronationst/Eastenders to have a Caring situation, a family member ill and and somebody caring, with possibly children used as young carers etc. The familys plights of fighting for services , CA , respite, medical, low benefits the disabled side of things could also be covered through the disabled character. This would be on going and any changes in benefits could be shown through the characters along with stress, pressures etc.

I Thougth that Doctors would take up a role like that, but like Holby and the likes it only touches on issues with passing characters.

Having a long term family, that Care for a disabled member would definite be a good way to bring the message to the general public and the media